#186 The Courage to know if God wills it is HERE!


Director Maya Sanbar is a multimedia artist who can relate to the plight of refugees as her own family has a history of refugee displacement, her father having fled Haifa, Palestine in 1948.

Maya joined forces with co-directors Gustavo Leal and Faga Melo, the founders of the Brazilian award-winning film production company Dirty Work to create an animated film to the haunting tune, Inshallah, produced by her company Chasing the Light Studio.

Maya, who wrote the screenplay for the film with Pedro Paulo de Andrade, has worked on a variety of films and documentaries including Wajib, Freak Show, House in the Fields, The Idol, The Muslims Are Coming, The Time That Remains and Trouble The Water.

Here’s what you will discover in the Brand New Episode:

  • Why did she decide to use animation instead of live action short for this film?
  • Upcoming festivals the film is screening in?
  • Why is the topic of climate change so important to Maya?
  • Why is the topic of refugees so important to Maya?
  • Did she plan to make a feature version of the animation or did she always want to use the short film format?

And so much more!

Check it out and let me know on Instagram @voicesofcourageshow what you think about it.