Another New Year’s Day is here…


You’re filled with mixed emotions. You’re excited about the promise of a new beginning. Then, the memory of the goals you made a year ago come rushing back (yet they were all but forgotten 11 months ago), and despite the pain of feeling like a failure, you’re prompted to repeat the pattern once again.




New Year’s Resolutions are destroying your life…


Although New Year’s Day is synonymous with making resolutions, you are actually making resolutions every single day of your life. This perpetual process of making empty promises is eating away at your soul. Why do you keep doing it? Well, you expect something more. The “ordinary” life isn’t the lifestyle you signed up for… and the pursuit of happiness without ever obtaining it, isn’t either. YOU want to live your optimal life.


But you feel something’s missing.




That feeling is a message from your heart, whispering the truth in your ear. Listen to this still small voice. It’s telling you, that you have unmet expectations. When you’re out of alignment with your core values you’re always stuck in the failure of unmet expectations, which enforces your limiting beliefs about Life.

Break the cycle with a Values Elicitation exercise!

Once you distinguish your core values you can design your life to be congruent with what matters most to you. You will live an inspired life.

You won’t need to seek outside sources of motivation to convince & force yourself to do all that “stuff” to reach these goals that never bring you fulfillment. You will never again struggle to reach the top of that ladder only to find it’s not what you wanted after all.


How you can live Optimal Life now…


Invest the time to distinguish your core values, define what an optimal life means to you, and only then can you design goals (resolutions) that will bring you deep fulfillment and joy. Inspiration, not motivation, will fuel all of your thoughts, goals, and actions.

How do I know? I’ve had a handful of friends lose their battle with the Solopreneur Suicide Cycle. I’ve also been in that self-imposed cycle of defeat and disappointment myself.

I noticed that my clients and myself were all highly driven Entrepreneurs constantly placing our self-care on the back-burner to reach our deadlines and goals. I wanted to prevent the burnout cycle of exhaustion, overwhelm, and isolation.

I did… with my own Value Elicitation!

I found my own core values were not being met in my life. Until my life was congruent with these values, my resolutions (WISHES) to fix, improve or overhaul my life would continue to fail. Not a single resolution I could make myself would help. This insight made all the difference for me and my clients!


You can listen now or you can repeat the past…


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Yvonne Larson is known as “The Vitality Vixen” for her contagious curiosity, enthusiasm, and charisma. As a singer, speaker, coach, healer, and fur-baby momma to three precious pups, Yvonne is passionately living her Optimal Life. In the last 20+ years, she’s spent well over 10K hours acquiring training and certifications in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Life & Executive Coaching, Emotional Release, Reiki, and Massage. She is an expert in clearing and healing Solopreneurs in going from exhaustion, overwhelm, and isolation to living their optimal life. 

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Listen to A New You in the New Year, where Yvonne shares advice on how to break the vicious cycle of failure and invites you to give yourself the gift of living your optimal life by never making a New Year’s Resolution again.