Today we discuss going past the rules and rule makers to create your own success.


Our guest, Valorie Hubbard, is one of the original rule breakers and is out encouraging the masses to break rules, too. She joins us to talk about the possibilities that can come from breaking the mold of how things are “supposed” to be done.


We Discuss:

  • Thinking in terms of possibilities versus rules
  • Breaking the rules in a good way
  • The principle of acting “as if”
  • Feeding energy to positive outcomes you desire to make them reality
  • How rule breaking can lead to increased success
  • Changing the way that actors do business
  • Myths about having a freelance business
  • The limitations that others set for us
  • One key piece of being successful in business
  • How actors are starting to cut out agents and go directly to casting directors
  • Some of the obstacles that are faced when going directly to a casting director
  • The tough moments in life that turn out to be amazing gifts
  • The journey of a starving actor to a prosperous, joyous actor and business person
  • What role social media plays today in the life of an actor
  • Smart Money Segment with Steve Sexton from Sexton Advisory Group

“A lot of people set limitations for us and sometimes we buy into that. Have enough courage to go past the rules and the rule makers to have success.”  –  Valorie Hubbard


About Valorie:

Valorie Hubbard lives in Los Angeles with her husband Chef Gill Boyd and dog Gracie. She is an actress, professional speaker, and CEO of Actor’s Fast Track.

Actor’s Fast Track is a program that accelerates the careers of actors looking to make their mark on their own terms.

Valorie’s approach puts the power back into actors’ hands and arms them with the knowledge and tools to navigate the entertainment industry.

She also speaks at events across the nation, including her fantastic business seminars she hosts in Los Angeles and New York City.

Prior to founding Actor’s Fast Track, Valorie partnered with Lea Tolub-Brandenberg to help actors through their company Strategies. The two co-wrote “The Actor’s Workbook” (available on, published by Allyn & Bacon Publishers.

Now on her own with Actor’s Fast Track, she consults with working actors on their career paths. And has recently published “Rule Breakers: Changing the Way Actors Do Business.”

She shows professional actors how to create and operate their acting career as a successful business and how to move from being “stuck in the limelight.”

Some of Valorie’s TV credits include Castle, Agent’s of S.H.I.E.L.D, How I Met Your Mother, Glee, American Horror Story, Workaholics, True Blood, 90210, ER, and Desperate Housewives.


“You cant have the peaks without the valleys. There are so many actor stories about them packing their bags saying that’s it, I quit, and then the phone rings. There’s something about that, that point where you just surrender.”  –  Valorie Hubbard


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