We are in a state of rapid change culturally.


Women are speaking out about their own personal experiences of sexual harassment and abuse. It is imperative for the well-being of individual women, and for the well-being of the world, that we begin to heal the wounds of the masculine and feminine energies inside all of us.

There needs to be a shift in perception and new models and new definitions of power, where soft, open, and ready to receive are honored.

By redefining receptivity and pleasure as power, women can start to view their feminine energies as being more powerful.  When women start allowing themselves to identify as a receiver, their whole life opens up in a major way.  

Women were built as a receiver, and that is actually a power far stronger than the “penetrator” power women put on.


When women are receiving power it activates their magnetism, which is a much more effortless and fun process of manifesting.


As long as women believe that the qualities which define their sexual energy and anatomy are somehow inferior or “weaker” than the masculine, they will be suffering and kept away from the very place where their power is most concentrated.

When women disconnect from the power of their female anatomy, their sexuality leads to exhaustion, depression, anxiety, disease, and repressed rage to name a few of the negative consequences.

When women are able to tune into what I call your “Sensual Center”, the consciousness which is concentrated in between their legs, they have access to a nourishing life force which is healing, energizing, and rejuvenating for their whole system, and they step into their receptivity and natural feminine powers.


In our culture women have been taught that power is not feminine and that in order to be strong, successful, and accomplished, they must push through and force their way into the world.


In other words, be like a man.  Women have been taught that indulging in their pleasure and femininity is counterproductive to achieving their goals.

Consequently, most women are suffering, feeling burnt out and exhausted, because they are running the wrong kind of energy. Women need to redefine power from a feminine perspective and learn how to fill up their feminine fuel tank through pleasure.  

Some of the ways women can experience more pleasure in their lives are to practice impeccable self-care on a daily basis. 

Eating healthy organic food, practicing self-pleasure, meditating, reading their gratitude list, flirting with themselves and others, doing activities that make them feel alive, dancing, yoga, singing, and finding ways to experience sensual pleasure.


Awaken their inner sensual goddess.


When a woman is in her pleasure she is in her higher self.  She radiates beauty.  She is turned on.  Her life force energy is like a magnet.  She attracts what she desires.

This shift in perception is what will change the world.


Caroline Andrews is a Relationship Coach with over 20 years dedicated to studying spirituality, relationships, yoga, and personal development. She spends her time teaching, instructing, and coaching women to become fully empowered, take full ownership of their lives, create amazing relationships with themselves and others, and use pleasure to power all aspects of who they are and what they want through her signature programs.

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