Today we talk about how to increase your pleasure during the holidays and every day.


Our guest, Caroline Andrews, is a Relationship Coach and expert on the Power of Pleasure. She shares helpful advice for fueling your energy and relationships with the joy of finding pleasure.


We Discuss:

  • How to increase your pleasure during the holidays
  • The difficulties that we are sometimes faced with during the holidays
  • Choosing what you want to do vs. getting guilted into things that rob you of your energy
  • Getting caught up in the “shoulds, have to’s, and musts” instead of enjoying the moment
  • Making the choice to take action in a positive and upbeat way
  • Achieving the right attitude and mindset to boost your positive energy
  • Forgiveness and how to handle conflict effectively
  • What has to happen for us to create great memories during the holiday
  • Creating our own reality through what we think and say
  • How the holidays can be a tough time of the year for those suffering from loss
  • The benefits of making a gratitude list and being of service to others
  • Increasing your sensual side of pleasure and learning how to nourish your mind and body
  • The benefits of putting personal growth as a priority in conscious relationships
  • Being comfortable with asking for what you need from others
  • Using pleasure to fuel self-love and self-care
  • How to overcome limited thinking
  • Tools to help couples have a smoother relationship and increase their joy
  • The importance of hearing and validating your partner
  • The power of vulnerability in a relationship


“When that other person feels heard, that is when the healing starts.”  –  Caroline Andrews


About Caroline:

Caroline Andrews is a Relationship Coach with over 20 years dedicated to studying spirituality, relationships, yoga, and personal development.

She has found the keys to pleasure, health, and relationships for women, especially those over 40 years old.

Caroline was inspired by her real-life issues with relationships and addictions. She was constantly searching for the ability to heal and found peace, clarity, and answers in the most unlikely of places.

Caroline spends her life now teaching, instructing, and coaching women to become fully empowered, take full ownership of their lives, create amazing relationships with themselves and others, and use pleasure to power all aspects of who they are and what they want through her signature programs.


“I believe that we are wounded in relationship and we are healed in relationship.”  –  Caroline Andrews


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