Today we talk about writing a book to transition your life.

Our first guest, Melissa Dawn, is a recent first-time author that talks about her new book which describes how she transformed failure into a fabulous, happy life and business. Our other guests for today’s show, Bill and Gayle Gladstone, share information today about digital printing and book publishing.


We discuss:

  • Writing books to bring about change or help others
  • What motivated Paula and Ken to write their first books
  • The importance of sharing your story
  • Melissa’s 5 steps to help attract a soulmate
  • What’s new in publishing and how it has changed
  • The advantages of using a digital press company
  • Smart Money Segment with Steve Sexton – Why it’s important to have a properly funded trust, and more!

“The zen that you feel after orgasm is the zen that you feel when you’re true to you.”  –  Melissa Dawn


About Melissa:

Melissa Dawn is a life and business coach who guides professionals and entrepreneurs to build lives and businesses they are excited to wake up to.

Her specialty is helping people transition out of their day jobs and into a business they are orgasmically joyful about.

Melissa knows first hand what it takes to transition out of the daily grind to a life and career you love.

She left a successful career as a VP and award-winning specialist in business and marketing because she wasn’t satisfied with just “creating successful products, marketing campaigns and surpassing sales objectives.”

Melissa wanted to be of greater service to others – to help business owners build and run businesses not just with their heads, but by tapping into their heart and gut as well.

Her series of motivational presentations are able to inspire participants while also providing them with useful life and business tools. In addition, she is a certified coach and trained energy practitioner. Melissa is also a regular contributor to the Huffington Post and

Her six-month “CEO of Your Life & Business” coaching program attracts professionals and entrepreneurs from around the world.


About Bill:

Waterfront Digital Press founder William Gladstone is also the founder of Waterside Productions Inc., one of the most successful independent literary agencies in the world.

Under Bill’s supervision, Waterside has successfully agented more than 10,000 books and generated in excess of three billion dollars in retail book sales.

In addition to agenting best-selling authors such as Neale Donald Walsch and Eckhart Tolle, Bill is a novelist whose first book, THE TWELVE, has been translated into more than twenty languages and sold more than 300,000 copies worldwide.

Bill has been in publishing practically his entire life, starting at the age of six, when he worked for his father’s publishing company, ARCO. Bill worked in every capacity at ARCO rising to editor-in-chief while still in his early twenties. This lead to him becoming the senior editor at Harcourt Brace Jovanovich in San Diego. Bill left Harcourt in 1982 to found Waterside Productions Inc.

As a writer himself, Bill has a strong sense of what writers need to succeed. To that end, he has devoted his agency to serve clients at all levels – not just bestselling authors. The changing nature of traditional publishing (which is making it ever harder for midlist authors to find compatible publishing opportunities) inspired Bill to create Waterfront Digital Press.


About Gayle:

Gayle Gladstone has worked as a television and film producer creating programs such as Tapping the Source and other media dedicated to bringing cutting edge information to general audiences.

She managed the singing and acting career of Hoyt Axton (Joy to the World, sound track for Easy Rider, etc.) and has worked with international organizations including the Club of Budapest for which she served five years as a director.

Gayle is committed to helping authors reach their largest possible audiences and to books which help children and their families.


“Books write us, we don’t write books.”  –  Ken D. Foster



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