Today we discuss the transitions of Summer, including empty nest syndrome and preparing for Fall.

Our guest, Don-Alan Rekow, is the Founder of SAbER Mountain Publishing Company and is an author of 20 books. We discuss his book titled Discovering Excellent Health, and its life-changing wisdom and personal wellness strategies.


We Discuss:

  • Summer time clean up – From removing the clutter in your closets and in your life
  • How some parents suffer from empty nest syndrome when their children go away to college
  • Tips for getting through empty nest feelings
  • The benefits of positive thinking and how it changes our lives
  • The reasons why people hold onto their “clutter”
  •  A five point system for letting go of your things
  • Making effective choices to come into your power
  • What motivated Don-Alan Rekow to write his book, Discovering Excellent Health
  • Health as an integral concept
  • Disrupting the current health care industry and providing a holistic approach
  • Smart Money Segment with Steve Sexton

“Clearing up the clutter, both energetically and emotionally, is freeing; it allows energy to move better, makes us feel better, and feel more open and free.”  –  Paula Shaw


About Don-Alan:

Don-Alan Rekow is the Founder of SAbER Mountain Publishing Company and is an author of 20 books.

He has spent many hours finding his niche as the future of publishing has radically transformed over the past decade. 

When he took his first book to almost every publisher in the market he wrote for, he was turned down by every one of them. 

But for Don-Alan, that was like throwing a challenge his way to become one of the competitors. So that is exactly what he did.

His first endeavor was to create a publishing company for the works that he wrote.  He noticed the huge market of authors who faced the same challenge of getting their first book published, and marketed in a way that optimized their efforts and success.

Don-Alan actively works with authors to help them not only create an attractive product but to also build new business. He helps them increase their revenue substantially through creating a sales platform from day one, and then follow-on sales to their readers.

Because of the difficulty with getting published and to market, SAbER Mountain has an affinity with first-time authors and are willing to do what it takes to make it easier for them in all aspects.

“It’s only those things that seem to cause us problems that we turn our focus on; and so this brings out spiritual health, physical health, relationship health, mental health, and financial health – all of which have an impact on our overall health.”  –  Don-Alan Rekow



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