Today we discuss transitioning through the ups and downs of money.

Our first guest, Shirlene Reeves, talks about the importance of selling from the heart. Our second guest, Lesa Artzberger, shares some great tips on how to make money last through retirement.


We discuss:

  • How money controls our lives – Everyone worries about money
  • Why we should surround ourselves with people we want to emulate
  • Becoming aware of personal vibrations and their impact on our lives
  • Building relationships for sales the right way
  • Reasons behind why most people can’t make sales
  • Vehicles that can protect you from the ups and downs of the market
  • Smart way to save and make your money grow
  • Retirement vehicles – How to keep your money safe
  • Educating and empowering women about money
  • Smart Money Segment with Steve Sexton – Why it’s important to get educated when it comes to finances and who can help

“We are all the same. It’s how we think about ourselves that makes all the difference in the world.”  –  Shirlene Reeves


About Shirlene:

Shirlene Reeves is a certified financial educator, business success coach, and massive visibility media trainer.

She’s an international speaker, author, and show host with over 330 YouTube Business training and blog videos, and is also the publisher of Wealthy Woman Magazine.

Shirlene blends business and financial strategies with universal principles and has a background in both financial and spiritual fundamentals.

Entrepreneurs seek her out for her transformative business knowledge, intuitive step-by-step program development, confidence building media training, and marketing visibility.

Entrepreneurs looking for ‘how’ to increase their income admire her heartfelt, authentic teaching style.


About Lesa:

Lesa Artzberger is a retirement and wealth building specialist.

After a career in high-end medical device sales, Lesa experienced a major loss in her 401k during the most recent recession.

She started researching various investment vehicles and found an amazing opportunity with Five Rings Financial.

Lesa now advises her clients in San Diego County about the little-known investment options that are highly resistant to market fluctuation. She specializes in areas such as living benefits, life insurance, fixed income accounts, and tax-free retirement, and strives to achieve peace of mind for her clients.


“The key is allocating your money over a long time period and growing it in a safe vehicle that will continue to pay out in your retirement years.”  –  Lesa Artzberger



Resources Mentioned:

  • Check out Shirlene’s Personal Development Sales Seminar: Compel Don’t Sell: The Art of Selling With Heart
  • Shirlene’s “Compel Don’t Sell” quiz, designed to support entrepreneurs, coaches, and small business owners determine who they are in the sales process: Take the quiz!
  • “Wine, Women, and Wealth” event hosted by Benefits By Artzberger: Network with women, drink some wine together, and discuss secrets about money. Contact Lesa on Facebook or at her website if you’d like to attend! Next event is July 12th, 6 pm at Guild in Cardiff by the Sea, CA.
  • Visit: or Call: 1-(800)-560-2611 For your financial services

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