Today we discuss the power of personal passion and how it can be used as fuel to push past limitations and overcome tragic obstacles in life.


Our first guest, Marie White, has lived through what many parents feel would be their worst nightmare, and that is the abduction of her child. She has taken her family’s pain and turned it into a guidebook for others which includes the coping mechanisms that allowed her family to survive and thrive.

Our second guest, Altovise Pelzer, took her tragic suffering through homelessness and molestation and used this to fuel her decision to motivate women and youth to find their unique voice. She takes women from abuse to applause by equipping them to define, accept, and use their own unique voice.


We Discuss:

  • The power of personal passion and what to do when you lose that passion
  • Common reasons that many people lose their passion
  • The questions you need to ask yourself to reignite your passion
  • The powerful combination of passion and purpose
  • Finding hope through struggle
  • Marie’s painful story of the abduction of her child and how she transformed her family’s pain into the coping mechanisms that allowed them to survive and thrive
  • The many different types of missing children
  • The emotional and physical struggle that parents of missing children experience
  • What to say (and not to say) to someone that’s grieving their missing child
  • 3 things that people can do to gain the strength to sustain this pain
  • Making the choice to not be broken and bitter, and instead be better
  • Changing into the person you were always meant to become
  • The vicious cycle of abuse and how “hurt people, hurt people”
  • Abuse victims major struggles with communication
  • How people lose a sense of themselves after being abused
  • Finding confidence after suffering through a traumatic experience and moving from tragedy to triumph
  • The passion and breakout zones to move forward in life and initiate a rebuilding process
  • Defining, accepting, and using personal stories to help others


“When you have a passion for something, especially to help other people, it makes you go out of your comfort zone and do things you wouldn’t normally do. As you start to do that, you grow and change into the person you were always meant to become.”  –  Marie White


About Marie:

Marie White was born to write, but it would take one horrific event to send her into full-time writing.

When her youngest child was abducted, her world turned upside down.

Grieving with her husband and older children, she wondered how God could allow this to happen.

Yet in the sea of pain, her family witnessed God’s unending love and purpose. Marie knew that there was more for her to do.

She could see God comforting her family, making them stronger, and she began to work on a book to teach others some of the things she had learned about God’s goodness. That book became the Amazon best-seller, Ten Day Bible Study.

Marie’s writing had just begun. Her next project was a book for anyone wanting a better life, titled Changing Your Life in Just Ten Days. Then, Ten Day Bible Study was translated into modern Greek and began being used by missionaries in Greece.

Marie’s next project began as a how-to for families trying to survive the loss of a child through abduction, divorce, running away or being taken into foster care.

The book evolved into something bigger, as she started to reach out to other parents and experts in the field of grief, alienation, loss, reunification and private investigation.

The result is a comprehensive survival guide for parents with children missing from their life. Strength for Parents of Missing Children: Surviving Divorce, Abduction, Runaways and Foster Care provides insight and direction for anyone going through hard times and looking for answers.

When she’s not writing or spending time with her family, Marie enjoys hiking, knitting and talking to people who are inspiring others.


About Altovise:

Altovise Pelzer is a Best-Selling Author, Professional Speaker, Podcaster, VIP Live Streamer, Mentor, Advocate, and Life Coach. She is also the Founder of the online Your Voice & Reactivate Me Communities.

At her core she is a mom of four, has been known to break out into impromptu dance parties or karaoke moments with her three girls, or watch movies with her son.

Altovise was encouraged to write at the age of eight by her grandmother, and she later found that developing a love of writing would get her through many difficult situations.

What she didn’t know, was that writing would also be a catalyst for her business, a gateway to connecting with youth, and an opportunity to advocate for those who feel as though they have lost their voice.

Homelessness and molestation greatly affected Altovise’s decision to motivate women and youth to find their unique voice.

She finds inspiration for her book series and conference topics from life experiences surrounding the molestation of her two daughters, fighting homelessness, the loss of her mother, learning to trust again and love.

Often times, after suffering through abuse, women go through numerous self-harming actions that start with a seed of low self-esteem.

Altovise takes women from abuse to applause by equipping them to Define, Accept and Use their Unique Voice as a Speaker or Author.

Through e-courses, live events, books, and social media, Altovise wants to touch and transform the lives of women globally one woman at a time.


“A lot of times when we’ve gone through abuse, we become that people pleaser and we become that yes person. It’s a little harder for us to move towards our passion simply because we have that extra step to go through with that rebuilding process.”  –  Altovise Pelzer


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