Have you or someone close to you gone through great tragedy. Most of us have, but how do you get over the sadness, hurt and pain of tragedy? Ken D Foster interviews music and fitness legend Lindy Boone as we discuss her father Pat Boone, and how the family has dealt with fame and tragedy.

Linda Boone is the Daughter of the legendary entertainer Pat Boone, she has carved her own path as a singer-songwriter, advocate, and beacon of hope. In 2001, Lindy faced every parent’s nightmare when her son, Ryan Corbin, suffered a traumatic brain injury in a devastating accident. This tragic event propelled Lindy to the forefront of advocating for traumatic brain injury awareness and support. Alongside her family, she established a non-profit organization, Ryan’s Reach, that provides vital support and resources to those affected by brain injury. Lindy continues to shine a light on the journey of recovery, offering hope and guidance to countless individuals and families. Lindy has recently channeled her creativity into music, releasing her uplifting single “Wordlayer. “Recorded alongside her sisters Cherry, Debby, and Laury, it is a testament to enduring family bonds and the healing power of music. In the 1970s, Lindy and her sisters recorded pop covers and several Christian albums as The Boone Girls, including their Grammy Award-nominated First Class. Beyond her artistic pursuits, Lindy has a career spanning over 25 years in the fitness industry as a group fitness instructor and personal trainer. She embodies resilience and determination in every aspect of her life.

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