The moment of truth can no longer be postponed. At stake is our health, education, culture. Ultimately, the future of humankind and even of life on planet earth. Ken D Foster interviews Professor Mihai Nadin.

Professor Mihai Nadin, the esteemed Ashbel Smith Professor Emeritus at Univ of TX, Dallas, is respected for his advances in anticipatory and dynamic systems, human-computer and human-technology interaction, and more.

The author of more than 30 books and over 200 scientific and philosophical articles, Nadin is credited with introducing concepts that opened new fields of inquiry: “semiotic machine,” “the civilization of illiteracy,” “anticipatory computing.”

His new book, Disrupt Science: The Future Matters warns of the dangers of “progress at any cost.” As a child in Romania, Dr. Nadin lost most of his family to the Holocaust, then survived as an academic thought-leader under communist tyranny, and ultimately came to the U.S. where he led research in the important new field of anticipatory computing.

Today, Professor Nadin is warning (as a science/tech insider) that we’re shackled to the “cult of machines” which threatens the very existence of humankind in the not so distant future.

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