Are you stuck and wondering what to do next? Transformation is chalenging, but when you have the purpose and inspiration to overcome, you will succeed. Tune is as Ironman Quadriplegic Lance Weir inspires us with truth, courage and wisdom on how to overcome anything.

Lance a Marine Corps Reservist had just dislodged a canoe from a rapid when he leaned headfirst into the water to retrieve his ball cap. Lance hit his submerge rock, shattering his C-5 vertebrae, and as a result became a quadriplegic.

Before his injury, sports and competition were always a big part of Lance‘s life. Fast forward 18 years and Challenged Athletes Foundation encouraged Lance to enrich his life through sport once again.

Within a short time, he had earned 7 gold medals in shooting at both Marine Corps Trials and Warrior Games ultimately leading him to be identified as a Paralympic hopeful and becoming a shooting coach for the Marine Corps Wounded Warrior Regiment.

Lance now cycles a one-of-a-kind tandem hand cycle engineered and built by an incredible team of professionals. Since he has started cycling in 2011 Lance has completed the Challenged Athletes Foundation ride from San Francisco to San Diego 12 times.

In 2017 last became the first tandem hand cycle to enter an IRONMAN. In 2016 along with his teammate became the first challenged athlete to enter and finish the grueling Silver State, 508; a 508-mile race taking 49 hours.

Lance is not only passionate about Challenged Athletes Foundation but can also be found involved in another special nonprofit called Canine Companions.

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