#192 The Courage to Know if God Will’s It with Maya Sanbar is HERE!


In this brand new episode, I was joined by Director Maya Sanbar…

She is a multimedia artist who can relate to the plight of refugees as her own family has a history of refugee displacement, her father having fled Haifa, Palestine in 1948.

Maya also wrote the screenplay for the film with Pedro Paulo de Andrade, has worked on a variety of films and documentaries including Wajib, Freak Show, House in the Fields, The Idol, The Muslims Are Coming, The Time That Remains and Trouble The Water.

Here’s what you will discover in the Brand New Episode:

  • The significance of the word “Inshallah”.
  • How Climate change is an important topic for us.
  • How she used animation in her films.

And so much more…

Check it out and let me know on Instagram @voicesofcourageshow what you think about it.