Today we discuss facing fears and embracing failure to create the life that you want.


Every wealthy entrepreneur that I’ve interviewed over the last 20 years has told me that to be successful you must fail, time and time again. They also made it a point to let me know that if you don’t make courage your partner, you’re probably not going to succeed.

It’s not about being brave and taking uncalculated risks. Instead, it’s about being thoughtful, understanding, and taking risks that are well thought out and considered. So, why do so many successful people embrace failure? They do so because failure teaches us our greatest lessons in life.

My guest, Steve Rodgers, is a business and lifestyle consultant, an international speaker, and a number one best-selling author. He joins us today to share powerful advice for moving past any challenges in life and business. Steve provides strategies for overcoming fears and obstacles that anyone can apply to ignite their growth and unlock their full potential.


We Discuss:

  • Why having courage and embracing failure in life are the essential keys to success
  • Acknowledging and self-reflecting on fears to overcome challenges and grow from them
  • What to do if you’re in a place in life where things aren’t working or you feel disconnected
  • How to find joy in the darkness, create a life of purpose, and unlock your full potential
  • The “Lead to Gold” formula and focusing on the three P’s:  Productivity, Profits, & Purpose
  • Materializing what you want by creating a plan, staying accountable, and course correcting


“Letdown continues to happen when we’re looking for things outside of ourselves versus inside of ourselves.”  –  Steve Rodgers


About Steve:

Business and lifestyle consultant, international speaker, and number one best-selling author, Steve Rodgers sees himself as a “leader helping others discover, maximize, and increase their highest good and purpose in life and business.”

This admirable philosophy reverberates through all his endeavors. Whether dealing with a first-time entrepreneur or long-established business powerhouse, Steve lives by the same personal code: help individuals and companies unlock their full potential.

With a focus on the 3P’s in productivity, profits, and purpose, Steve helps individuals, teams, and companies maximize their best potential.

Indeed, his knack for bringing out the best in others has left an indelible mark. A passion for nurturing success has always been Steve’s hallmark. While he was CEO/President of San Diego’s Real Living Lifestyles Real Estate franchise, his inspiration helped ignite the company’s phenomenal growth.

Steve also served as President and CEO of Prudential California Realty. A division of Berkshire Hathaway affiliate Home Services America, Prudential California had generated over $25 billion in sales at its peak. Steve was a major force guiding the company and its 4,600 agents to this milestone. 

He started with Berkshire Hathaway as a branch manager, and over the years, climbed the ranks to CEO. Over the course of this 15-year period, 7 were under the Berkshire Hathaway enterprise. During this time he had various meetings, events and social functions with Warren Buffet and the numerous associates and high-caliber leaders that formed his inner circle.

These experiences have lead Steve to his true calling – helping others get the most out of their career and their life. Steve founded Alchemy Advisors, a business and lifestyle coaching/consulting firm, where entrepreneurs gain valuable information through consultation, coaching, and workshops. Alchemy Advisors also caters to specific needs, providing renowned speakers and advisors with years of experience behind them, to ensure each client receives the inspiration they need.

This past year alone Steve has spoken to audiences all over the world such as Australia, the Philippines, Kuala Lumpur, and the USA. The audiences ranged from small to over 1,000 people, and the focus was on his “Lead to Gold” formula with an emphasis on “Doing well by doing good.”

Along with inspiring others, Steve gives back to both the business and civic communities. He has served on several National Association of Realtors committees, as well as the boards of various title, escrow, and mortgage companies. On the civic side, Steve contributes year-round to schools, charities, community events, and many other worthy causes.

Steve is happily married with two grown children and several grandchildren. Along with a robust family life, he enjoys a wide range of interests such as traveling, boating, yoga, Kung fu, the arts, film, biking, skydiving, and white water rafting.

Steve invites you to connect with him at


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Breaking through resistance is the price you pay for the dream you say you want.”  –  Steve Rodgers


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