Today we discuss the power of consciousness.


Is human consciousness able to access information beyond the conventional bonds of time and space? Is thought capable of traveling outside of our heads and into others?

If so, can we actually influence others and change their destinies by our thoughts? What happens if we get groups of people together and use the power of the mind to help others heal, grow, evolve, or generate a life of ongoing success?

My first guest, Dave Edwards, is the founder of Primal Wear – a company that began as a t-shirt business before evolving into a cycling apparel company with $15 million in sales. He joins me today to talk about how he started this company and was able to grow it to a multi-million dollar organization with the power of thought, persistence, and the ability to fail forward.

My second guest, Lynne McTaggart, is an international best-selling author that’s spent many years exploring the nature of human thought and intention along with their relationship to health and wellness. She joins me today to talk about her latest book, The Power of Eight, the power of consciousness, and her accidental discovery of the healing power of altruism.


We Discuss:

  • Living our purpose and passion rather than settling for a life of mediocracy
  • How our purpose can evolve and change over time as we learn and grow
  • Assessing our predominant thoughts and whether they boost or block our success
  • The three faculties of the mind that we all need to develop and master in life
  • Building a successful business through commitment, collaboration, and giving back
  • How group thought and shared intention induces healing and transformation


“If you’re not afraid to do things in life, you’re probably not living life to the fullest.”  –  Dave Edwards


About David:
Dave Edwards Photo

Dave Edwards, founder and president of Primal Wear, spotted a market to be filled on Colorado’s active racing circuit.

Primal Wear began in Denver in 1992 as a T-shirt business, before evolving into a cycling apparel company with $15 million in sales, nearly 200 employees, and offices in the United Kingdom and Seoul, Korea.

Primal Wear is a leading designer and supplier of custom and branded cycling apparel, committed to bringing people together on bikes through outrageous fun.


About Lynne:
Lynne McTaggart Image

International best-selling author, Lynne McTaggart (“The Field,” “The Intention Experiment,” “The Bond”), has spent many years exploring the nature of human thought and intention along with their relationship to health and wellness.

Unlike many of her counterparts in this endeavor, however, Lynne wasn’t interested in trumpeting a purely anecdotal representation of her discoveries.

“I am drawn to life’s great mysteries and biggest questions, particularly those anomalies that upset conventional wisdom. But for all my forays into the unconventional, I constantly look to build an edifice of solid evidence.”

Lynne has discovered a way to bring people of all political persuasions together with a common healing intention that impacts the country as a whole and also heals the participants themselves.

In researching the effects of small groups sharing a prayerful intention, Lynne initially aimed to observe whether small groups could affect meaningful, scientifically observable outcomes just as she had seen larger groups of thousands do.

She discovered that people praying in these smaller Power of Eight groups she created were experiencing another, more unexpected result: personal healing after praying for others.

Lynne is consistently voted one of the world’s top 100 spiritual leaders for her ground-breaking work with consciousness and the power of intention, and she’s chiefly known for the quality of her writing and in-depth research.


Check out the video below to watch our interview:


“Altruism is like a bulletproof vest. People who do for others, even in a small way, are healthier, happier, and live longer than other people.”  –  Lynne McTaggart



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