Today we discuss consciousness and how to increase your success, prosperity, and happiness by exploring the powerful possibilities of your mind.


Entrepreneur, Radio Show Host, and former TV Producer and Editor, Ryan McCormick, joins us to share some life-changing strategies and principles that can be used to accelerate self-discovery and help determine what we should embrace and discard in our lives.

Neil Mintz also joins us to talk about consciousness, the importance of meditation, and how to go from scarcity to abundance to expand what’s possible in our lives. After retiring from a successful career in business, Neil now focuses his full attention on a spiritual path and supporting others in their soul awakening.


We Discuss:

  • The principles of consciousness and how to apply them to take our lives to a whole new level
  • Expanding our thinking and exploring the powerful possibilities of the mind
  • Using extraordinary questions to tap into a higher state of consciousness
  • Liberating ourselves by beginning to take full responsibility for our lives
  • Staying in a place where we’re filled with joy, happiness, and love
  • Tips for developing and accelerating individual self-discovery
  • Determining what we should embrace and what we should discard in our lives
  • Tapping deeper into our own qualities and becoming more of who we really are
  • How to transition from a place of scarcity to abundance and live a greater life


“Look at what values and beliefs are empowering you and what values and beliefs are currently disempowering you and holding you back. That can change your whole life.”  –  Ryan McCormick


About Ryan:

Ryan McCormick is Co-Founder & Media Relations Specialist at Goldman McCormick.

He has created dynamic public relations campaigns for numerous legal, financial, entertainment, and corporate clients.

Ryan has also appeared on ABC, Fox News, CBS, and PR Week, discussing crisis communications & reputation management.

He has a unique relationship with press, because he is one of them at heart.

McCormick is a former CBS TV Producer & Editor for Long Island Business News. He also is the Executive Producer on all Client original radio shows for Goldman McCormick.

In June 2009, Ryan helped Media Training Worldwide break the Guinness World Record for the “Most Radio Interviews Within 24 Hours.”

Both participants (authors) appeared on 112 radio shows worldwide and the entire event was broadcast live on

Ryan is a graduate of Florida State University, an avid reader, and is passionate about legal & financial news.


About Neil:

After retiring from a successful career in business, Neil Mintz now focuses his full-time attention on his spiritual path and supporting others in their soul awakening.

His current passions are teaching meditation and leading workshops on personal & spiritual growth.

Neil has been studying metaphysics at Spiritual Arts Institute for 7 years and is currently an Associate Teacher.

He is also certified with the Institute as a Direct Divine Light Healer, which he practices regularly.


“We have limiting beliefs, and if we believe things are limited it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.”  –  Neil Mintz


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