Today I want to talk about the importance of changing the conversations in your life.


Think about this for a moment. The media is polarized on who’s right and who’s wrong. The conversations are not about what is right, but who is right. Why do we listen to various opinions on endless subjects, and why are we willing to fill our minds with information that doesn’t really apply to our lives?

When it comes down to what we’re tuning into on a regular basis, it seems like we need an alternative voice. I think we need the courage to change the conversation. We don’t need more information, we need more wisdom and we need more action. If we’re not taking action, then what’s the point?

It’s easy to get caught up in drama, emotions, fear, and wondering what’s going to happen next. But, if you have the courage to really change the conversation in your life, then it will start to get better and better. The only person that can change your life is you.

There are plenty of people out there who are tired of hearing the same conversation day in and day out, who are ready to step into their own power and make a difference. The first step is to decide who you’d like to help or where you’d like to improve.

It seems like it’s so difficult for us to really be ourselves and transform our lives in ways we’ve only imagined. Wouldn’t you like the keys to understanding how to do just that?


Today I Discuss:

  • Choosing wisdom over more information and learning how to take action
  • The illusion of our limitations from the outer world and why we need to go within
  • Changing the conversation in your own mind and stepping into your power
  • Tuning into what moves you and what you’re most passionate about
  • Why it’s difficult to be ourselves and transform our lives
  • What freedom means and how you can use it to connect deeply with yourself
  • Letting go of thoughts that bring forth negative emotions
  • The defining principles to transform your life and the principles of change
  • How to tune into our minds of infinite intelligence and create what we want
  • Increasing your initiative and removing fear and limiting beliefs
  • Signs that you are living in stress and how to deal with it effectively
  • Failing forward and generating lasting success through introspection
  • What needs to shift within you so that your life is on fire
  • Living from truth, honesty, integrity, and caring


When we change ourselves, we change others around us. It’s that simple.”  –  Ken D Foster



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