#185 The Courage to be who you are is HERE!


Emma grew up knowing something wasn’t right, even at the age of 3 and now she’s telling her story to inspire and help others.

Emma is the owner of AMFM247 Broadcasting, Gladdy’s Goodies Natural Dog Treats and she has her own radio show “It’s Emma’s World”.

She loves traveling, being adventurous, she’s a huge DISNEY fan, she ghost hunts, loves to exercise and wants to experience everything life has to offer.

Here’s what you will discover in the Brand New Episode:

  1. When She knew something was wrong
  2. How she covered up her secret for 42 years
  3. She talked about Bullying in school
  4. How she found and accepted her truth.
  5. Facing others and telling the real truth to them.
  6. What to do and prepare for if you are transgender or intersex and choose the other
  7. Finding the ability to love yourself
  8. Fighting depression and how this can lead to suicide (2 attempts for her)
    – Why you can’t live for anyone else’s happiness but your own
    – Her 4 stage fall out plan should my secret come out and how it worked

And so much more…

Check it out and let me know on Instagram @voicesofcourageshow what you think about it.