Today we discuss talk that gets results so that we can all learn to communicate more effectively.


Our guest, Dr. Janet “JJ” Sawyer, shares her insight on effective communication, leading with power, and becoming a self-aware, intentional leader.


We Discuss:

  • What some people do to communicate effectively
  • Struggling to find the right thing to say and communicating effectively with someone that’s hurting
  • 4 things you can do to help someone you care about who’s in emotional pain
  • Self-awareness and what it really means
  • The power of being more self-aware and intentional as a leader
  • What effective leaders do to get the job done
  • Discovering what type of energy you put into the 4 areas of your life with the DISC assessment
  • Revealing personal characteristics – Are you an eagle, a parrot, a dove, or an owl?
  • Shifting leadership to match the people you’re speaking to
  • Creating a balance of personalities to develop a nice flow in the workplace
  • 21 leadership behaviors and the 4 that cannot be taught


“The most important power is being self-aware. You need to be self-aware as a leader, and then be intentional so that you become a mindful leader.”  –  Dr. Janet “JJ” Sawyer


About JJ:

Do you know how important you are as a leader?

What if you could learn your natural style of leadership and how to shift your leadership for the people you serve?

What if your leadership would result in improved productivity and gain greater profits?

For the past twelve years, Dr. Janet “JJ” Sawyer has worked with over 2,530 leaders throughout the United States providing leadership training and coaching services all focused on Leaders understanding and applying leadership behaviors and strategies to improve their POWER as a Leader.

Dr. Sawyer’s consulting business, JJ Sawyer Consulting, LLC, has an emphasis on LEADING with POWER for Positive Performance.

The POWER comes from becoming Self Aware, Intentional, and a Mindful Leader. This leadership coaching involves leaders in a Collaborative Conversational Coaching Workshops that includes The POWER of :

  • Becoming a Self-Aware and Intentional Leader
  • Creating a Collaborative and Cohesive Team
  • Leading by Managing the Effect of Change

All of these leadership workshops are aimed at helping leaders understand how to plan for their leadership in order to successfully work collaboratively with the people they lead while implementing change initiatives in their business and personal lives.


“One thing that’s really important to know is that all of us are leaders and the number one person that you need to know how to lead is yourself.”  –  Dr. Janet “JJ” Sawyer


Resources Mentioned:

  • Contact JJ at
  • – MJL Michael Lucia & Associates Wealth Management Company – Contact Cheri Blair at
  • Cheri Blair’s upcoming special event:  “Women, Money, and Beauty” – Creating an income that will last, discovering current gaps in your retirement plan, and empowerment strategies for finances – Date and Location:  March 24, 2018, from 1 pm – 3:30 pm at the San Diego Botanic Gardens – To register for the event, call 619-997-0416, or email Cheri at

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