Today we discuss how to survive family vacations and how to transition back into everyday life once they’ve ended.


We Discuss:

  • Fantasies and false expectations surrounding vacation
  • The challenges we face when trying to control a situation versus just letting it flow
  • What brings us happiness and what blocks us from achieving it
  • How to master our minds and what we choose to focus on
  • A three step exercise for managing the different personalities that we deal with in our families
  • Setting boundaries with people and distancing yourself from negativity
  • How to expand what you want to grow for yourself
  • The pain and discomfort of dealing with particular family members
  • The power of trading “what if” statements for “what is”
  • Creating affirmations that will actually work in your favor
  • Transitioning back into the real world after vacation
  • Planning and preparation to make smoother changes life

“We have to overcome the expectations that are created by the fantasy of the family vacation; you have this fantasy of how it should be and anything short of that becomes a disappointment. But, if you don’t have that expectation you can really have a wonderful time.”  –  Paula Shaw



“If you think right you feel right, it’s not the opposite – you’re not going to feel right and then think right. If you feel right, you’ll make good choices and then take good actions.”  –  Ken D. Foster



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