Today we speak with our guest, Billie Frances, master coach and Founder of Guiding Mindful Change.

She is a licensed marriage and family therapist, spiritual counselor, and personal coach, and is dedicated to helping others. Billie speaks about her coaching methods along with healthy ways to reduce stress in our lives with embracing mindfulness.


We discuss:

  • The effects of stress on our body and mind – How to be more aware
  • Healthy ways to reduce stress – Being mindful of how we handle it
  • Questions that will change the direction of your day
  • Success habits that will change your life
  • What’s happening in coaching today – Alternative practices and training

“Where else in our lives do we have a supportive, nurturing, non-attached person in our corner? Your spouse, family, and co-worker – they’ve got an agenda. But your coach is there to just champion you to take that next step.” – Billie Frances


About Billie:

Billie Frances has a huge heart and unlimited capacity to empower and inspire transformation mindfully. She does this as a therapist, spiritual counselor, certified master coach, national trainer, and speaker.

Billie is passionate about teaching others truth and mindfulness techniques. She motivates them to master themselves and make the changes they desire in their lives.

As a result of her passion for serving and supporting mindful change, Billie has invested decades in developing her own skills and talents to better guide her clients and students.

Initially, she started her first coaching certification training with only two students in the year 2000. Since then, she has become a nationally accredited coaching training and continuing education provider.

Billie is a devoted grandmother who enjoys spending quality time with her two grandchildren. She is also proudly one of the Padres most loyal fans. To say this woman LOVES baseball is a huge understatement.


“Think about something that you’ve never done before that would be fun for you. Make the commitment. Find the courage. Take the action to go do it.” Ken D. Foster



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