Today we discuss how to use courage to clean up the clutter in your life, whether it be in your home, office, friendships, body, or mind.


In this episode, special guests Gina Ruby and Andrew Marr share insight on becoming clutter-free, learning how to have a healthy and energetic body for life, and several fun ways to infuse healthy habits into your life.


We Discuss:

  • Why clutter stays in people’s lives even when they intend to remove it
  • How cluttered environments and cluttered relationships suck up our energy
  • The mindset that keeps people stuck and heavily attached to things in their lives
  • Outweighing what disempowers you over what empowers you
  • Releasing beliefs, choices, and actions of the past to get in touch with our purpose
  • How to identify the stress stoppers that keep us from moving forward in life
  • The 3 most important things we can do to clean up our limiting beliefs
  • Creating accountability and having an accountability partner to keep us on track
  • The 4 box system for clearing away the clutter – Move it, trash it, give it, store it!
  • Emotional eating and how we can shift from this unhealthy mindset
  • Auditing the people in your life and creating your tribe
  • How to take the next step to get in shape and feel good about your body
  • Fun ways to infuse new, healthy habits into your life


There’s this fear of hanging onto the old because at least it’s familiar, but getting to the other side there’s so many more beautiful things and people to meet when you take that courage and make it something good.”  –  Gina Ruby


About Gina:

Gina Ruby is a Certified Health Coach and Life Strategist.

Her 15 years of acting and modeling along with her 11 years of health and wellness Coaching have equipped her to share the message that everyone can create a healthier version of themselves both physically and mentally if they want it.

Gina is living proof that it can be done since she had to start from scratch at the age of 40. Going from victim to victor IS possible!

Gina’s motto through thick and thin is: “Joy is a choice, so choose joy!”


About Andrew:

ANDREW MARR – Vice President of Sales, Coastal Payroll Services Challenger, motivator, expert listener and question asker.

For the past 20 years, Andrew has been helping people reach their goals, improve their thinking and become the best version of themselves.

Andrew is a 3X IronMan, PGA golf professional, and lifelong learner.

He is passionate about people, relationships and bringing value to the world.


“People are going to make their own choices. That’s fine, but at least give them the facts on what food actually is and how it should be treated as fuel for your body and not just something that you put in at times of stress.”  –  Andrew Marr



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