Today we discuss rejuvenating our lives and achieving anything that we set our minds to.


My first guest, Julie Renee, is the number one brain rejuvenation expert and author of the groundbreaking book, Your Divine Human Blueprint. She joins me today to discuss activating the energetic blueprint of our perfect selves and accessing and leveraging the quantum field.

My second guest, Andrea Ivanka, is an international speaker and business coach who helps female entrepreneurs and founders grow their business. She joins me today to share practical strategies for shaping, growing, and leveraging a business that resonates with who we are.


We Discuss:

  • Taking life’s challenges and changing them into miracles, magic, and synchronicity
  • Tuning into power and passion and connecting with something greater than ourselves
  • Using our original blueprint to restore and renew health, vitality, momentum, clarity, and joy
  • How to activate the energetic blueprint of your perfect self and leverage the quantum field
  • Why bringing love into business is so powerful for entrepreneurs and organizations
  • How leaders can create greater fulfillment – both for themselves and their teams
  • Increasing sales, enhancing performance, and sustaining growth in companies
  • Challenges entrepreneurs face when creating a sustainable, human-friendly business
  • Why some females struggle with overwhelm and burnout in male-dominated industries
  • Solutions for women with kids who have a passion for more and want to have it all
  • Avoiding imposter syndrome and letting go of the fears of judgment that hold us back
  • Strategies for managing some of the challenges that high-performing entrepreneurs face


“We are fully responsible for what happens in our lives and everything that happens is our responsibility. Accepting that gives us the freedom to change it, because if it’s someone else’s responsibility, then they have to change it.”  –  Julie Renee


About Julie:
Image of Julie Renee Doering

Julie Renee is the number one brain rejuvenation expert. She has mapped out the human blueprint and how to work in the quantum field for both clearing and cell regeneration in her groundbreaking book, Your Divine Human Blueprint.

She has added words to our vocabulary with her quantum technique for regeneration: cellular neogenesis, and for her medically documented: DNA obliteration for removing harmful DNA.

Julie’s expertise also includes the complete removal of spiritual parasites and anchors.

She is the mentor to the mentors and works with folks like Jack Canfield, Marci Shimoff, actress Barbara Niven, and a host of other celebrities.

Julie trains students in her original quantum activation trainings, reaching into 64 countries with the miracle of live stream trainings. Prolific, she is a best-selling author and has more than 150 trainings and 187 transformative meditations.


About Andrea:
Image of Andrea Ivanka

An international speaker and coach, Andrea Ivanka comes from a background that has always included educating and empowering aspiring leaders.

She helps female founders grow their businesses through feminine marketing and peak performance mindset, as women are wired differently.

Andrea has served over 1,000 customers and clients and has spoken to over 10,000 people worldwide.

She has been featured on TV shows, shared the stage with media tycoons, multi-millionaires, and A-list celebrities.

The person you see on the big stage is the same humble person you’ll meet at a coffee shop. She stands for authenticity, integrity, and fun.

Andrea helps high-achieving, open-minded entrepreneurs and sales professionals who are ready for a breakthrough by giving them an unfair advantage in their industry… all through winning communication that has helped some of her clients grow their business up to 400% within a few short months.

Her client’s favorite phrase is, “Work with Andrea before spending any more money on marketing.”


If there’s something that has been put on your heart, something that keeps bubbling up, no matter how many times you try to shove it away–no matter how many times you tell yourself it’s not the right time or you’re too busy, lean in and listen. It’s there for a reason. You might not be able to see the whole journey and you might not be able to see all the steps that you’re going to take, but take one step and then another and another. The rest of it’s going to show up and it will be glorious. Not always easy, but glorious.”  –  Andrea Ivanka


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