Today we discuss harnessing your entrepreneurial ADD to kick your business off to an amazing start this year!


Our guest, Dr. Elisa Magill, talks about empowering entrepreneurs to manage workplace relationships, everyday distractions, and build the mindset for optimal growth and productivity.

Elisa has spent decades studying the brain and individual differences, looking for ways to help people reach their true potential and energize their brain, body, and business… living life by design versus default!


We Discuss:

  • Success habits that will make a difference in your life
  • Taking action to ensure an abundance of success over busyness
  • What is Entrepreneurial ADD? How to recognize and acknowledge it?
  • Delegating responsibilities to others to maximize your strengths
  • Tapping into your emotions – EQ (emotional intelligence) versus IQ
  • The Intentional Brain Flow Formula
  • What to do when you’re feeling uninspired and unequipped
  • Courage and how you can bring it into the new year
  • Clearing self-sabotaging beliefs from our subconscious mind

“Live your zone of genius, do what you’re best at, and delegate the other things so that you have that energy to sustain your business.”  –  Dr. Elisa Magill


About Elisa:

Dr. Elisa Magill is the Owner and Founder of Envision This! and specializes in performance improvement, change management, and avoiding burnout.

Elisa earned her Ph.D. from the California School of Professional Psychology / Marshall Goldsmith School of Business, in San Diego, CA and has over 25 years combined professional experience in both the corporate and academic environments.

Her focus has always been on helping others reach their true potential by first identifying their key strengths, and then building the confidence and skills required.

Elisa empowers individuals to attain a life that they may have only dreamed about.  The dream (or vision) comes first, believing in that vision and refining skills comes second, and setting up the strategy or steps to get there turns dreams into reality.

The focus of Envision This! is on emotional intelligence, resiliency, leadership development, management skills, team building, and executive coaching, as well as leading educational seminars on understanding the individual, and promoting personal and organizational wellness.

Support is Provided for understanding and optimizing communication styles, work styles, conflict resolution, relationship management, improving health and well-being, and becoming “The Optimal You!”  Clients do this while managing distractions in the workplace and directing actions in a positive and desired direction.

Elisa’s style is described by clients as professional, personable, enthusiastic, engaging, and insightful with a problem solving and coaching focus.


”If you want to stay strong in what it is you’re doing, you need to find a way to be your own best leader, come up with that plan, and that way you can be creative within that plan by believing in yourself and feeding your mind, body, and business.”  –  Dr. Elisa Magill


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