Today we discuss leaving a mark on the world through how you live and choose to perform.

Our first guest, David McNally, is an international author, speaker, and CEO of a company called Transform Corp. Our second guest, Kate Allgood, is an author, sports psychologist of Quantum Performance Inc., speaker, and coach. Today, they teach us the secrets to achieving our goals and making our mark on the world.


We Discuss:

  • How your life changes the world
  • Being conscious of our own importance and impact
  • The principle of contribution
  • Aligning with companies that compliment and support your gifts and talents
  • Contribution in relationships and the expansion of love
  • The value behind building a strong brand and customer relationships
  • Purpose behind leaders and their roles to their employees
  • How our actions impact others
  • Mental toughness – what does this mean and how do you build it?
  • The most important areas of mental toughness
  • Using confidence to combat self-doubt and distraction
  • How body posture affects confidence
  • Looking deeper than materialistic things to make a mark
  • Smart Money Segment with Steve Sexton from Sexton Advisory Group

“If we can become conscious of how important each of us is and how important it is to contribute as much as we can to the world in the best way we can, we will leave a mark, because leaving a mark is not an intention you actually set, it’s a result.”  –  David McNally


About David:

For 40 years, David McNally has inspired millions of people from the stage, on film, and in his best-selling books. He is a member of the Speakers’ Hall of Fame and is described by a leading speakers’ bureau as one of the world’s Top 50 business speakers.

David’s international consulting work provides convincing evidence that powerful transformations occur when leaders, teams, and individuals are aligned and committed to a compelling purpose.

David’s best-selling books include: “Even Eagles Need A Push: Learning to Soar in a Changing World,” “The Eagle’s Secret: Success Strategies for Thriving at Work and in Life,” and “Be Your OWN Brand,” which is used by many business schools throughout the world in their graduate degree programs.

David’s new book: “Mark Of An Eagle: How Your Life Changes the World,” just released in 2017 is already receiving outstanding reviews. Also, an award-winning producer, David has developed two highly praised, inspirational films, THE POWER OF PURPOSE and IF I WERE BRAVE. David’s books have been translated into twelve languages and developed into corporate training programs released in over twenty countries.

Delta Air Lines, Gartner, Pulte Homes, the Apple Auto Group, Con-way and Thrivent Financial are among the many distinguished organizations that have recognized David’s work. As the CEO of TransForm Corporation, David and his team develop Purposeful Leaders, Inspired Organizations, and Iconic Brands.


About Kate:

Kate Allgood’s life has always involved balancing a healthy body and mind. As early as the age of two, her father strapped “cheese cutter” twin blade skates on her as she tottered across the Canadian ice. By six years old, she was enrolled in organized ice hockey playing against all boys – and winning.

She continued gliding on this tract through her university education, where she received numerous awards and was recognized as one of the best female athletes in Canada. Kate was also pegged as a potential candidate for the 2010 Winter Olympics.

After a successful athletic career, Kate found her passion for helping others to improve and enhance their mental health and performance. Just like with hockey, Kate has quickly become a recognized leader and one of a small percentage of people to have risen to the very top of her field as a practitioner and for her contributions to sports psychology through her book “Get Into the Zone”.

Kate holds a double Masters degree with honors in psychology, specializing in sports psychology, and general psychology with a concentration in family psychology. She graduated with distinction for both degrees. Kate rounds out her education with a certification in sports hypnosis and Muscle Activation Techniques. As well as being a certified interpreter and user of the TAIS assessment.

In 2010 Kate decided to open Quantum Performance, a high-performance coaching firm specializing in the mental training of high performers, that combines all her knowledge and skills. Kate understands the demands that elite athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and business professionals face and provides solutions that she knows work. Clients include everyone from professional, college, high school athletes and Navy SEALs to ironman triathletes and yoga enthusiasts.


You have to create a way of being each and every day to have that mental toughness that you need in those key moments that you’re looking for. Each day, day in and day out, you have to build and train yourself to have confidence.”  –  Kate Allgood



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