Today we discuss intuition and how to make better choices and get greater results in life.


Our first guest, Shawna Allard, joins us to talk about the power of developing, understanding, and trusting our intuition.

Our second guest, Brenda Geary, shares her personal story of her transition from terrible health to vibrant health.


We Discuss:

  • How to make better choices and get greater results in life
  • Creating more success in life through following your intuition
  • How common sense relates to intuition
  • Knowing when to push forward, when to pull back, and when to surrender
  • Letting go of disempowering ways of showing up in the world
  • Naturally intuitive people and those that have to work to develop a stronger intuition
  • The various forms of intuition that different people experience
  • The conscious mind versus the intuitive mind – What we allow to control us
  • The differences between intuition and channeling
  • How intuition can serve our person health
  • Finding our own intuitive voice
  • Exercises that can be done daily to improve intuition
  • Understanding the difference between mind chatter and intuition
  • The impact that stress can have on our immune system
  • Using empowerment to combat difficult environments and situations
  • Acknowledging what is and isn’t working in our lives
  • Natural healing modalities versus prescription medications
  • Nutrigenomics – What is it?
  • The impact that Nutrigenomics had on Brenda’s life
  • NRF2 Activation and how it works
  • The power of an open mind on our health and overall quality of life
  • Making the conscious decision to stay positive and not let physical perspective take control
  • Smart Money Segment with Steve Sexton from Sexton Advisory Group

“Intuition is something that we all have but we may not understand. It’s not just the developing of it, but the learning to trust our intuition.”  –  Shawna Allard


About Shawna:

Shawna Allard is a well-known Intuitive Medium and author who was born with the gift of intuition.

She uses her gifts of insight to help others heal their lives in body, mind, and spirit. Shawna has earned the nickname “the knowing one” by friends and those she helps on a daily basis.

She is well-known for her wisdom and guidance, and is a sought-after intuitive counselor, spiritual healer, and author of the newly released book, KNOWING.

Shawna offers insight into relationships with family and friends, career direction and discovery, the things that hold people back from living their best life, and provides answers to deep questions that help individuals break into a new spiritual level.

She has appeared on TV and Radio, been featured in many newspapers, and has also spoken at Holistic Nurses Association, Chapman University, The Society for Psychic Research, International Association of Near-Death Studies, and Cal State San Marcos.

Shawna has helped her clients overcome some of the greatest challenges while providing healing insight. Her spiritual counseling brings balance and harmony back into the lives of others.


About Brenda:

Brenda Geary is a former corporate executive turned entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and best-selling author.

After two decades as a very successful human resources executive in a Fortune 500 Company, her world was turned upside down when she developed a number of auto-immune diseases that forever changed her life.

In 2011, Brenda was diagnosed with breast cancer, went through treatment, and has become a passionate advocate for Breast Cancer Prevention and education.

One area of focus for Brenda is speaking to individuals recently diagnosed with cancer and helping them to deal with the initial fear that comes with hearing the diagnosis.

As a result of overcoming her health challenges, Brenda is now passionate about sharing her story of recovery and educating and inspiring others on how to achieve and maintain optimal wellness.

Brenda is married to the love of her life Randy Geary and she has one son, Michael who is her pride and joy.


“Don’t give up. There are things out there that are powerful, and if you just open your mind, it could be the one thing that makes all the difference.”  –  Brenda Geary


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