Today we discuss creating more wealth in your life and building a new relationship with money.


In this episode, special guests William Gladstone and Gayle Gladstone share the keys for tapping the source to overcome fear-based thinking, build wealth, and create a life of joy and purpose.


We Discuss:

  • The 2 keys for tapping the source and creating a life of joy
  • Starting the day with gratitude and being of service to others
  • Learning how to manifest the things you want out of life
  • How to overcome the fear-based thinking that’s holding you back
  • Tapping the source to create a positive relationship with money and build wealth
  • Walking away from negative situations and learning to value yourself more
  • The main beliefs that wealthy people hold in consciousness
  • Why people are having so much resistance to fulfilling their potential in life
  • The power of combining courage with wisdom and discipline


When you improve your own life you’re making a contribution to everyone’s lives – we’re all in this together. The more abundance you have, the more abundance there is in the world, the more you can give to others, and the better your energy is going to be.”  –  William Gladstone


About William:

William Gladstone is a graduate of Yale College and has an advanced degree in cultural anthropology from Harvard University.

He is an international bestselling author of both novels (The Twelve) and biographies (The Golden Motorcycle Gang with co-author Jack Canfield).

As a literary agent, Mr. Gladstone has represented some of the foremost spiritual teachers of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries including Eckhart Tolle, Neal Donald Walsh, Marianne Williamson, Jean Houston, and Deepak Chopra.

Mr. Gladstone was the original agent for the For Dummies book series, and has also represented the pioneers of the computer revolution including Tom Anderson, Peter Norton, and celebrities ranging from actress Pamela Anderson to iconic musician Neal Young.


About Gayle:

Gayle Gladstone is Publisher of Waterside Press and has worked as a television and film producer creating programs such as Tapping the Source and other media dedicated to bringing cutting-edge information to general audiences.

She managed the career of musician and actor Hoyt Axon, produced the weekly television show Kauai Today, and previously ran a business building custom homes in Malibu California.

Gayle has had clairvoyant abilities since birth and has used those abilities to serve as a healer since the age of seven.



“How you know that you’re doing what you love is when you no longer feel like you’re doing it, but you’re elevated to another level where you feel as though you’re in a zone that’s impenetrable.”  –  Gayle Gladstone




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