Today we discuss transitions in both health care and wealth care.

Our first guest, Steven Thayn, is currently a Senator working on an alternative to Medicare expansion that empowers people and uses state funds to provide primary health care linked with life coaching. Our second guest, Kelli Sample, is a sales and business strategist who teaches sales in a unique way that encompasses your own style of communication, neuroscience, and psychology.

We Discuss:

  • What Senator Thayn is doing to make health care better for people
  • The issues with health insurance and how it effects access to health care
  • Empowering institutions versus empowering people
  • Senator Thayn’s 5-step program to improve health care and provide a guide to follow
  • Situations in life that relate to sales
  • How to avoid the “slimy” sales person approach
  • Shifting focus from you and your product or service to your customer’s needs
  • Using clear portrayal and the proper language with prospective clients
  • 3 reasons why people don’t make sales decisions in the moment
  • What a consumer should look for in an honest sales person
  • The big difference between marketing and sales
  • Smart money segment with Steve Sexton from Sexton Advisory Group

“Let’s start first trying to build on the foundation of everyone having access to healthcare. Then, health insurance becomes a tool of that effort, cost can go down, outcomes can improve, and access can increase.”  –  Senator Steven Thayn


About Senator Thayn:

Steven Thayn is a Republican Idaho State Senator and has been in the Idaho Legislature for 11 years. He was responsible for the Advanced Opportunities program that provided educational opportunities for middle school and high school students.

Senator Thayn serves on the education commerce in human resource, joint finance, and appropriation committees as well, as in term committees to rewrite the funding formula for K-12 and others.

Steven is the author of 10 books that outline principles of prosperity and programs that help people achieve it. He has a new book out now called, “Reclaiming Health care: The Citizen and Legislative Guide to Reduce Medical Costs.”

Senator Thayn is a farmer and has been a dairy farmer for eighteen years. He has been married for forty years and is a father of eight children and has twenty-one grandchildren.


About Kelli:

Kelli Sample is a sales and business strategist who works with entrepreneurs and businesses to help them unleash their inner sales genius. She works to help professionals get out there and have the sales they want and need to excel in their business.

Kelli teaches sales in a unique way that encompasses an individuals style of communication, neuroscience, and psychology to help build the confidence needed when speaking with prospective clients.

She is an experienced National Sales Trainer with a demonstrated history of working in the retail industry. Kelli is a strong human resources professional proficient in Analytical Skills, Coaching, Sales, Biomechanics, and Sales Management.

She has been in the world of sales for over 15 years and has been a corporate sales trainer for 6 years. Most of her sales training and experience comes from working with high-end retailers that average thousands of sales each day.


“Really being able to get deep with customers and letting them be vulnerable can make a big difference. A lot of sales people won’t do that because the minute you ask someone to be vulnerable it actually creates vulnerability in you.”  –  Kelli Sample


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