Today we discuss two hot topics – health and love.


Our first guest, Emunah Malinovitz, is an expert on conscious relationships, sex, and masculine and feminine energy. This goddess of love shares amazing information that she’s learned throughout her journey about how to have better relationships, stronger communication, and a deeper connection with your partner (just in time for Valentine’s Day!).

Our second guest, Megan Fenyoe, is a Health and Mindset Coach with Mission Strength who shares her utmost appreciation for the countless benefits of embracing good health and having a positive mindset. She discusses the powerful methods that she uses regularly in her own life and to inspire others to live healthier through their mind, body, and soul.


We Discuss:

  • Why people are often afraid of commitment and close themselves off from love
  • The myth that only women desire a deep connection in relationships
  • How to have healthier relationships and change our world for the better
  • Resentment and its power to create a disconnection between you and your partner
  • Incorporating communication tools that create a safe space to listen and be heard
  • The physical and emotional connections that men and women crave in a relationship
  • Using respect and appreciation instead of space and silence with your partner
  • The 3 keys to having hot, sacred love that lasts
  • Dealing with the ups and downs in relationships and the power of forgiveness
  • Why sex should be a priority and how to connect through sensuality and intimacy
  • The need for commitment and clarity in all aspects of our lives
  • The 5 step system that will take you from being stuck to finally believing you are enough
  • Using cognitive restructuring to identify and combat negative thoughts and feelings
  • Discovering what is potentially holding you back and clearing it from your life
  • Developing a productive and inspiring morning routine that works for you
  • Controlling mindset blocks and ignoring those pesky subconscious limiting beliefs


“There’s a lot of emotional fear that we have around love – everyone’s afraid of getting hurt. We spend our lives being afraid of getting hurt and we close ourselves off from the most incredible gift I believe the universe has for us, which is love.” – Emunah Malinovitz


About Emunah:

Emunah Malinovitz, relationship coach, intuitive healer, Sacred goddess, and keeper of wisdom and the sacred, embodies love and takes a stand for true love – love of self, love of lovers, and love for all the creatures on this earth.

She believes in true love for all and has taken her own journey while delving deep into the spiritual and sensual learning to enhance this love.

Her courage to love and lose has enabled her to become whole and love herself, allowing her to attract a “wholemate” and truly experience love, a deep connection, and passion that continues to go deeper and deeper even when single.


Emunah’s dedication to sacred love for over 20 years has led her to research, study with world experts and travel the world to learn the secrets to true authentic relating. Souls are led to her when they are truly ready for real, deep, lasting love, complete with the magic that comes with it.

Emunah works with couples and singles, men and women, successfully in private sessions, group environments and as a host for life-changing retreats. The unforgettable sacred wedding and renewal ceremonies officiated by Emunah encapsulate the abundant love between those committed to sacred love.

Her work with singles who desire true love and to meet their “wholemate” includes the loving of self, allowing for fully loving another. Singles enter a new relationship having understood how to love themselves, and repeatedly report back that relationships are exciting and seen through the light of exploration and open heart rather than anxiety or fear.

Couples discover Emunah’s secrets to creating a strong foundation of loving communication, incredible sex, and undeniable intimacy. Those couples who previously felt disconnected experience feeling their love renewed, reenergized, and connected at a level deeper than ever before. The level of intimacy, sexual passion, and complete desire and admiration for their partner surpasses all expectations.


About Megan:

Megan R. Fenyoe is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), motivational speaker, Life Coach, and Veteran as well as the owner of Mission Strength.

Through coaching, leadership, consulting and speaking engagements, she has helped hundreds of people accurately assess their challenges and identify ways they can change, capitalizing on the strengths they already have while building new ones.

Megan helps people reveal and clear hidden sabotaging patterns and blocks, helps them figure out why they might be stuck, what is missing in their lives, and why they are not happy. 

She helps them create better strategies, identify and strengthen healthy habits, and walk out with the confidence to OWN THEIR LIFE!

Being a mental health therapist, coach, business owner, and fitness fanatic has taught Megan a great deal personally and professionally about the positive effects of embracing good health and positive mindset.

Megan’s methods are not limited to a particular approach but are based from over 15 years of experience, observation, and seeing results. Her passion and purpose in life is to inspire others to live healthier. Mind. Body. Soul.

Megan has been featured on multiple podcasts as well as various other print and online magazines.  She lives in San Deigo and loves working out including running and boxing, traveling, meeting new people and spending time with family and friends.

You can find out more about Megan plus get a host of Free Training tools and more online at


“We’re so hustle and bustle and life is so overwhelming – we have to do this, and we have to do that, but who wants to live a life of stress and anxiety?” – Megan Fenyoe


Resources Mentioned:

  • Emunah’s FREE gift: Discover The Top 3 Keys To Sacred, Orgasmic Love That Lasts!
  • Call Emunah at (619)-736-1568 to discuss how you can have more sacred love in your life
  • Megan’s FREE gifts: Download The Top 100 Positive Affirmations and 5 Steps To Believing You’re Enough
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  • Stay tuned for the release of Ken’s new book, The Courage to Change Everything: Strategies and Wisdom to Transform Your Life One Day at a Time

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