Today we discuss going within to deal with and move past difficult transitions in life.

Our first guest, Marcella Johnson, tells the story of how the loss of her son, Gabriel, lead to the creation of the non-profit organization, The Comfort Cub. Our second guest, Christopher Van Buren, shares how people have found their healing and peace through writing books which he helps bring to the public.


We discuss:

  • Going within – Solutions for moving past difficult transitions in life
  • Marcella’s story – The tragic loss of her son and her creative idea for overcoming pain and grief
  • The emotional and physical pain that one can suffer from when grieving
  • The Comfort Cub – The story of how this idea developed and came to life
  • Other uses for Comfort Cub – Benefits for those with Alzheimers, Dementia, Autism, or any form of trauma
  • Books being written after difficult situations or transitions
  • Making a connection – Taking the good and bad in life and making it something of value to ourselves and others
  • Storytelling – What happens in the brain with connection and communication
  • Getting in tune with your message – Sharing your values and your “Why”
  • The vast variety of ways to tell a story
  • How to overcome difficult challenges with money with Steve Sexton

“When I read that this is happening to other women, I thought somebody needs to do something about this. Something needs to be given to these women when they lose a child, and hopefully before they leave the hospital. It was so hard for me to leave the hospital empty-handed.”  –  Marcella Johnson


About Marcella:

Marcella Johnson is the inventor and Founder of The Comfort Cub; the therapeutic teddy bear for a broken heart. After her son George died, her heart hurt so much and her arms felt so empty. Marcella found that when she held a weighted object close to her chest, the pain in her heart and aching in her arms immediately went away.

She began to research and found out that both of these physical symptoms can be common after the loss of a child. During that time there were no medical terms for these physical symptoms, but now it is recognized as a medical condition. “Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy” is what’s known as the aching in the heart, and “Empty Arm Syndrome” for the pain in the arms.

Marcella felt inspired and compelled to create a weighted teddy bear for others who were grieving a similar loss. She wanted to make sure that no other mothers left the hospital empty-handed and broken hearted the way she did. While it is no substitute for the loss of a child, it does help to provide some comfort and ease the pain of empty arms.

The Comfort Cub is currently at every hospital in San Diego, San Diego Hospice and Palliative Care, and at hospitals across the United States. The Mission of the Comfort Cub is to help bring comfort to anyone in the world experiencing a broken heart as a result of a significant loss in their life.


About Christopher:

Christopher Van Buren has been in publishing and online marketing for more than 25 years.

He is an expert in content marketing, affiliate marketing, and online strategies, and has written over 15 books in the technology, travel, and self-help markets.

Chris has also been the director of a really dynamic online ad network and partner in a boutique ad agency. He is the founder of LaunchMoxie, a book and product launch management company.

Chris has spent 8 years as a literary agent helping authors get their books published. As the President of Launch Moxie, he helps support entrepreneurs by providing services that leverage the power of cooperative marketing and distributing content.


“I think we are always telling our story. Even if we’re telling another story or just sharing some facts, we are still running it through our lens. The lens of our experience. It’s about taking what life brings us – good, bad, and otherwise – and making it useful and something of value to us.”  –  Christopher Van Buren



Resources Mentioned:

  • If you were moved by Marcella’s story and would like to help or donate to this non-profit organization, visit:
    • If you or someone you know is in need of a Comfort Cub but cannot afford it, the organization will provide one at no cost.
  • Create a FREE membership and gain access to all sorts of free mini e-books by visiting:
    • If you would like to create your own mini-book, click on the Contact Us tab directly from the home page and then click Become Our Author!
  • Overcome your financial stress with Sexton Advisory Group – Call 1-(800)-560-2611

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