Today we discuss the principles of creating success, wealth, and the best version of ourselves.


It seems like we’re always chasing after something in our lives, whether it’s money, fame, success, or happiness. But, what’s the essence behind that and what is this search really all about? What’s actually going on inside of us? We’re going 90 miles per hour when what we really need to do is slow down and tune into a deeper part of ourselves so that we can understand who we truly are at our core.

My first guest, Chris Jaeb, co-founded AudioNet, an internet-based aggregator of digital media, which was sold to Yahoo just four years later for $5.4 billion. Throughout his time spent as an entrepreneur, he has learned the spirit of competition, how to lose gracefully, and most importantly, how to learn from his mistakes. Chris shares the greatest influences of his high-level success, from getting comfortable with rejection to shifting his mindset.

My second guest, Ann Landstrom, is a professional photographer with over 20 years of experience and countless award-winning images that she’s captured through her lens. Through her company, Ann Photography, she helps empower both men and women to change the way they look at themselves by spotlighting their natural radiance. Ann shares how pictures can help increase our self-esteem and even take our businesses to new heights.


We Discuss:

  • Success and freedom – how these things can evolve when properly defined
  • What’s really going on inside of us when we’re chasing after money, fame, or happiness
  • Looking beyond materialistic success and tuning into who we are at our core
  • Why so many of us choose to give up instead of following through with our goals
  • What it takes to create a strong foundation to build success upon
  • The character traits that all wealthy and successful entrepreneurs possess
  • How to lose gracefully while also learning and growing from our mistakes
  • Shifting into an abundance mindset and learning how to effectively deal with rejection
  • Game-changing advice for both novice and high-level entrepreneurs
  • Why our online presence as business owners today is more important than ever before
  • How pictures can help boost confidence in ourselves and in our business
  • Creating a good representation of our brand, business, and individual self


What’s your fundamental truth that really motivates you from a life-purpose perspective, and how does that translate into a business desire and opportunity you hold true to your heart? What aspect of that are you going to do day in and day out to show up and feel great?”  –  Chris Jaeb


About Chris:

In 1995, Chris Jaeb co-founded AudioNet, an internet-based aggregator of digital media, which changed its name to prior to its initial public offering in 1998.

In 1999, was sold to Yahoo for $5.4 billion.

In 1995, Chris founded eAds, the first fee-per-click advertising company on the Internet.

In 2006 he co-founded, and until 2010, served as the President of Malama Kauai, a Hawaii-based nonprofit organization.

In 2017, Chris founded BeingWell Media, an artist-based content distribution service.

In addition to his entrepreneurial experience, he brings to the board a strong understanding of Internet marketing operations and the business aspect of sustainable living.


About Ann:

It may be easy to crop and filter Instagram-worthy selfies with your phone, but it will never compare to the natural radiance within that’s revealed through the lens of Ann Photography.

With Ann Landstrom’s  20 years experience and award-winning images, she provides each client that steps inside her studio with a luxury experience that activates and captures the best version of themselves.

Whether you’re seeking portraits for business branding, boudoir, or family legacy – you’ll receive a professional and gorgeous memento that can be cherished for years to come.

Learn more about all of Ann’s photography services and book your appointment at


“Your storefront is on the internet these days and you need to have a good representation of your business and your brand.”  –  Ann Landstrom


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