There are many challenges facing our nation today, but one of the biggest challenges we are having is a health care system that has stopped working for many of the doctors, nurses, and patients. 


The burden of harm conveyed by the collective impact of all of our health care quality problems is staggering. So, why are people not getting the treatments they need? 

Why are people being wrongly diagnosed? Why are so many people dying? What do we need to do to change? How do we get back to a system that we can all trust? 

We will be answering these, and many more topics related to you and your health, in this special segment of the Voices of Courage show as the Doctors Speak out.

This special edition episode features guests Marilyn Singleton M.D./J.D. and Jane M. Orient M.D. Learn what you don’t know about the healthcare system, censorship, testing, who should get vaccinated, the latest CDC recommendations, early treatment protocols, and much more!


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