Today we discuss some of the steps you can take to increase your dream power and take your life to a whole new level.


Our guest, Debbi Dachinger, shares the most important ingredient for changing your life, and why you should dare to dream!


We Discuss:

  • Some steps that you can take to increase your dream power and take your life to a whole new level
  • Addressing your doubts and fears
  • The freedom that comes with the courage to start over
  • How people have dreams but don’t work to make them come true
  • The most important ingredient for making dreams a reality
  • What separates the dream achievers from the wishful thinkers
  • The importance of having a strategy
  • Reverse engineering your dreams
  • Getting over the voices inside your head
  • Setting rewards for yourself and taking baby steps
  • Having a success cycle vs. a failure cycle
  • How transitions can lead to new opportunity
  • Following your intuition and staying on course
  • Smart Money Segment with Steve Sexton from Sexton Advisory Group

“There’s got to be a strategy of how to create something because the bottom line is you’ve never done it before, so how do you know how to get there?”  –  Debbi Dachinger


About Debbi:

Debbi Dachinger is a Media Personality. She is known for being in the spotlight as a syndicated, award-winning radio host, in front of the television camera, interviewing celebrities on the red carpet, being a live stream event host, keynote and presentation speaker, as well as writing best-selling books.

Debbi is a Visionary who is a Certified Dream Coach with clients worldwide who seek her inspired wisdom and technical expertise in success and radio/book media. She offers a comprehensive tech, coaching, strategy complete up leveling, business changing experience for entrepreneurs, authors, speakers, healers and business people.

The industry’s leading lady, Debbi, puts the ‘motivation’ back into broadcasting. With a fun, cutting-edge talk show, the multi-award winning “DARE TO DREAM” radio is syndicated on 66 stations. An upbeat, unique program ―DARE TO DREAM―enlightens and entertains listeners with Debbi’s lively personality and engaging experts.

Today, in addition to Debbi’s ongoing radio program, she runs the Bestseller Launch Program, ensuring self-published authors reach bestselling book status. Debbi also runs Radio Mastery Training (Concierge level private Radio Coach and Package 1-Days and workshops) for those ready to accelerate their skills in messaging on the radio; her clients become savvy, successful and superb interviewed on air.


“We often try to control because we feel like it protects us, but really it limits our life – when we’re clothed in strength and dignity, then we can laugh without fear of the future.”  –  Debbi Dachinger


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