“Unspeakable things may happen to courageous people, but their courage carries them through to accomplish their dreams despite their circumstances.”

– Ken D Foster


Have you mastered setting up targets of achievement, prioritization, and delegation of tasks?

So many people go through life thinking they do not have what it takes to do this.

But let me ask you this: Do you know any successful people who have a no-choice point of view that limits what they are capable of?

No way!

Are you willing to acknowledge and own the fact that you have what it takes to set up achievable goals, prioritize and delegate them as you need to escalate your success?

I hope you said “YES” because you can truly have your greatest year ever if you will do this.

Imagine setting aside time each morning to organize your day for success. How would your life be different in the next year?

Would you have more wealth, health and happiness?

Of course, you will!

So, how about embracing the consciousness of setting up daily targets, prioritizing them and, if need be, delegating them?


Today ask:


  • “What must happen for me to embrace setting daily targets, prioritizing them and then delegating them?”
  • “If there was a block in setting daily targets, what would it be and how can I overcome it?”
  • “What can I do today to accelerate my effectiveness?”




  • Make a list of what you will accomplish in your business and/or personal life. Once you have made the list, prioritize the items and delegate to accelerate your success.