“Courage doesn’t happen when you have all the answers. It happens when you are ready to face the questions you have been avoiding your whole life.”

– Shannon L. Alder


Positive thoughts are always stronger than negative ones because they vibrate within us at a higher resonance, energizing us and making it easier to stay focused on generating success.

Positivity happens when you become aware of your thoughts and the effects they have on every aspect of your life.

When you are upset, your thoughts act as a magnet drawing to you people, places, and things you genuinely don’t want.

But the opposite is true also: When you choose to stay positive and focused on overcoming any challenges that come your way, you attract the resources you need to overcome and achieve success.

It sounds simple, right?

Just remember this. When you focus your mind on a situation and keep dwelling on it repeatedly, you will create an emotion—either positive or negative.

What you focus on you will feel!

So, if you are feeling upset, most often you have been dwelling on something that is upsetting.

When you are dwelling on the positive, you will most likely feel empowered.


Today ask:


  • “What are the most important goals I can focus on to stay empowered?”
  • “How can I feel powerful even when I am doing things I don’t like to do?”
  • “What is it possible for me to generate if I stay positive most of the time?”




  • Take some time and tune into what you are spending your time on the most, then decide if this is bringing you closer to what you want or not.