“Courageous actors in life do not make excuses. They create plans to improve their lot in life daily.”

– Ken D Foster


What is it going to take to accelerate your success?

One of the ways to increase the speed of success is setting up targets of achievement.

We are all given reason, intuition, and willpower to bring out our best, but many people run their lives by the “seat of their pants” and only use a portion of what is available to them.

Let me explore a question you may want to ponder: Would an infinite being (that is you) who has genius within them, choose to go through life only using a portion of their power?

Of course not! That would be like driving a sports car and never accelerating over five miles per hour.

Most people don’t see their true potential, but the secrets can be unlocked. This book has the keys.

So, what will it take for you to step up and reclaim all your brilliance?

If you are serious about seeing how far you can go, then set up unreasonable goals, and set about achieving them with indomitable will.

This is the starting point of reclaiming your power.


Today Ask:


  • “How am I achieving my goals with ease and grace?”
  • “What has to happen for me to increase my resolve and hit my goals?”
  • “How can I increase my willpower and accomplish what I set out to do?”




  • Focus on one area that you have been neglecting and set up a powerful goal that will stretch you in its accomplishment. It can be finance, health, relationship, spiritual, friendship, etc. Make sure your goals are specific, measurable, and truly stretch you.