“Why trust others for your answers? Why not summon up your courage, delve deep into the unknown parts of yourself, and realize what is possible?”

– Ken D Foster


If you have not tried to do the impossible, you will never know your limits. Great things have been accomplished by people who have stretched themselves past their limits.

Think about what it took to build companies like Apple, Amazon, and Google, or structures like the Golden Gate Bridge, Statue of Liberty, or the first Space Station.

These are great feats that started with an idea in the minds of the founders. You too have amazing ideas that the world is waiting for!

Does this sound odd to you?

If so, then it is time to rethink what is possible for you. No matter what your station in life, there are opportunities waiting for you to explore.

So why not start now?


Today ask:


  • “What has been holding me back from bringing my greatest gifts and talents into the world?”
  • “What am I determined to do, no matter what happens?”
  • “What will make the biggest difference in determining whether I succeed?”




  • Think of two ideas that would truly stretch your limits if you worked them out. In other words, determine two large goals that you cannot possibly accomplish on your own. Journal about these ideas using the power of your creative mind, asking how you can expand these ideas until you get clarity on what the next steps will be.