In today’s social media world, Instagram stands out with millions of active users. The introduction of a broadcast channel on Instagram has made it even more appealing to users. You can share text messages, audio, photos, and videos with your channel followers. Here’s how you can create a broadcast channel on Instagram.

What Is an Instagram Broadcast Channel? 

Instagram broadcast channel is a new feature that helps creators connect with their audience. It’s like a chat centre where you can share text announcements, photos, behind-the-scenes videos, and exclusive audio with your followers.

It’s a direct line of communication between you and your followers, although it’s mostly one-way. Your followers can react to your messages and vote in polls, but they can’t send messages.

Your broadcast channel is visible to all accounts on Instagram. Non-followers can also join your broadcast channel.

Steps to Create a Broadcast Channel on Instagram

Here’s how you can create a broadcast channel on Instagram:

  • Tap the message icon in the top right of your feed. 
  • Tap the compose icon  in the top right. 
  • Select “Create broadcast channel.” This opens a new window where you:
    • Enter your channel’s name.
    • Choose your channel’s audience. 
    • Select the end date of your channel. 
    • Choose whether you want your channel to show on your profile. 
  • Press the “Create broadcast channel” button at the button of the screen.

Instagram broadcast channel is only available for creators. If you want to convert your personal or business profile to a creator account, follow these steps:

To convert personal profile:

  • Click on your profile at the bottom right of the screen. 
  • From the hamburger menu at the top right, select “Settings and privacy.” 
  • Scroll down and click “Account type and tools.”
  • Click “Switch to professional account” and then select “Creator.”

To convert business profile:

  • Click on your profile at the bottom right of the screen.
  • From the hamburger menu at the top right, select “Settings and privacy.”
  • Click “Business tools and controls.”
  • Click “Switch account type” and then “Switch to creator account.”

Benefits of Instagram Broadcast Channel to Creators 

Here are the benefits of Instagram broadcast channel to creators:

  • Direct connection with your audience: It helps you build a personal connection with your followers. You can engage with your followers in real time and build a community. 
  • Engagement boost: The poll and quiz features in the Instagram broadcast channel help enhance engagement. 
  • Increases collaboration opportunities: Brands and creators prefer partnering with accounts with an active audience base. Having a broadcast channel with an engaged audience can increase the chance of partnerships.

How Can I Increase Reach to My Instagram Broadcast Channel?

  • Create engaging content: Content is king. Creating engaging content that resonates with your audience is necessary for your broadcast channel to be successful. Polls and quizzes can boost engagement. 
  • Post regularly and consistently: Be regular and consistent in publishing your posts. Even if you publish one post a day, be consistent to keep your followers engaged. 
  • Collaborate with influencers: Collaborate with influencers or other content creators in your niche to cross-promote. It can help increase your followers. 
  • Use relevant hashtags: Use hashtags strategically to make your content reach a wider audience. 
  • Promote your broadcast: To maximize the reach of your broadcast, promote it across your Instagram profile, including posts and stories.


Can a person with a private account view my broadcast channel?

Yes. Anyone with an Instagram account can view and even join your broadcast channel.

Can I monetize my broadcast channel on Instagram?

Instagram doesn’t have a direct monetization feature for broadcast channels. However, you can monetize indirectly by collaborating with other creators and publishing sponsored content.

How often do I need to post on my Instagram broadcast channel?

The frequency depends on your content strategy and audience engagement. I recommend publishing at least two posts a day. However, be consistent even if you publish one post, and never compromise quality for quantity.

How can I invite others to join my channel?

When you publish your first message on your broadcast channel, all of your followers will receive an invite to join the channel. You can also share an invite link with users individually.


Creating a broadcast channel on Instagram is an excellent way to connect with your audience. If you didn’t know how to create one, this article would have been of great use to you.

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Ken D Foster is an author, keynote speaker, and success coach dedicated to helping individuals unlock their full potential. With decades of experience in the entertainment industry, Ken has helped numerous aspiring TV personalities achieve their dreams.