Today we discuss embracing transparency and keys to exponential growth and living our fullest life.


My first guest, Paul Pagnato, is an author, a top advisor with more than 27 years of industry leadership, and Founder at PagnatoKarp, a top family office and private wealth management firm with over $9.5 billion assets under management. He joins me today to discuss turning challenges into opportunities, the secrets to exponential growth, and the six T’s to transparency that help individuals and businesses improve well-being and prosperity.

My second guest, Kimberly Faith, is a systems thinking expert, futurist, thought leader, and the author of an award-winning book that inspires women to free themselves from the universal mindsets standing in the way of their ultimate success. She joins me today to share how we can step out of our sense of “smallness,” release universal mindsets that are standing in our way, discover our personal power, and live our lives to the fullest.


We Discuss:

  • The transparency wave and revolution that’s followed the communication and digital waves
  • The six components of exponential transparency – Six steps that lead to consumer trust
  • Why companies that figure out how to take transparency to a whole new level thrive
  • Embracing personal transparency and what actions we can take to inspire growth
  • Innovation and experimentation, and why success is failure turned inside out
  • Looking deeper to uncover if we are in alignment with our subconscious programming
  • What makes people stay stuck in their “smallness” rather than owning their personal power
  • Why a glass ceiling can be a mirror that allows us to redefine our narrative on new terms
  • How we can dive into our subconscious and start to erase the beliefs that are holding us back


“When we are able to be honest and transparent with ourselves, then we can really breakthrough. But, it takes courage.”  –  Paul Pagnato


About Paul:
Image of Paul Pagnato - PagnatoKarp - on Voices of Courage with Ken D. Foster

Paul A. Pagnato is Founder at PagnatoKarp, a top family office and private wealth management firm based in Reston, Virginia, with over $9.5 billion assets under management.¹ Paul is a top advisor with more than 27 years of industry leadership, ranked #1 in Virginia on Forbes Top Wealth Advisors, and #2 in Virginia on Barron’s Top 1,200 Financial Advisors lists.

PagnatoKarp is Best Multi-Family Office ($2.5B to $5B AUM/AUA) by Family Wealth Report Awards and a Virginia Business Best Place to Work.¹ Paul has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, CNBC, Fox Business, Bloomberg, Reuters, and CNN, and is an international speaker through Singularity University.

Paul is the author of Transparency Wave and a champion of exponential technologies that are shaping the future. His biggest passion is giving back and believes transparency is the key. Paul empowers organizations aimed at improving literacy, health, humanity, and wealth, both locally and worldwide.

His advocacy includes speaking engagements with OpenExo, Singularity University, and the People-Centered Internet Coalition, co-founded by Vint Cerf, Googles’ Chief Internet Evangelist and “One of the Fathers of the Internet”.

Paul began his career as a microbiologist working collaboratively with NASA and McDonnell Douglas to search for life in outer space. When he joined the financial industry, he spent 19 years with Merrill Lynch where he founded the Washington, D.C. Private Banking & Investment Office before founding PagnatoKarp, an independent firm created squarely on the principles of transparency.

Paul founded the TrueFiduciary® Institute to positively impact our next-generation through financial education. Together with Barron’s In Education, universities include Berkeley, Stanford, University of Virginia, Georgetown, Penn State, Virginia Tech, William & Mary, University of Maryland, George Mason, University of Georgia, University of Texas, and Florida Atlantic University.

Paul is Advisory Council Member for Stanford Center on Longevity and Board Member for CFA Society of Washington DC, KittyHawk Ventures, Institute for the Fiduciary Standard, FAU Foundation, Envel, INOVA Health Care System, True Fiduciary® Institute, and Pinstriped Prospects. He is a member of the Northern Virginia Chamber of Commerce and the Association for Corporate Growth Awards. Paul is a graduate of Florida Atlantic University and The Executive Program at Singularity University.


About Kimberly:
Image of Kimberly Faith - on Voices of Courage with Ken D. Foster

Systems thinking expert, futurist, and thought leader Kimberly Faith is the author of the award-winning book, Your Lion Inside: Discover the Power Within & Live Your Fullest Life. Her podcast, “The Sisterhood Report,” is a leadership portal for women to connect the dots between past, present, and future.

An engaging speaker, trainer, master facilitator, and executive coach, Kim brings experience that ranges from strategic facilitation and systems thinking to leadership development, communication skills, and personal branding. Her easygoing style and sense of humor has made her a hit with audiences large and small across the globe for more than twenty years.

Kim has trained and coached over thirty thousand leaders from Fortune 500 companies including Amazon, American Airlines, BMW, CVS, GE, HCA, Lockheed Martin, Nielsen, and Thermo Fisher Scientific and she has also worked on licensing deals with Warner Brothers, Disney, and MGM.

She has served on the external faculty for Microsoft to train 16,000 leaders over the next two years for a major transformation initiative. She translated her coaching experience into a system known as Breakthru Branding™ and now offers an online course to inspire leaders to take ownership of their signature personal brand.

An official card-carrying HOG (Harley Owner Group) member, Kim has traveled all over the country on a motorcycle with her husband. She is also a swimmer, an avid reader, and a hot yoga aficionado.

To learn more, visit Visit for more information specifically about the book.


“No one wakes up one day and says, “I think I’m going to be a victim.” What happens is, it slowly erodes into your life where with each decision, and each day, you begin to feel like you have a little bit less power. When victimhood slips in, it steals our energy, it steals our joy, and it steals our courage.”  –  Kimberly Faith


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