Today we discuss breaking free from fears, reclaiming our power, and transforming our lives for the better.


Simply put, our consciousness is what has placed us into our current situation, for better or for worse. Since we are programmed most of our lives by society, our parents, our peers, and our teachers, our greatest thinking is simply a reflection of that programming over time.

The good news is that we have the ability to break free from all of this and live the life of our dreams. In today’s show, we explore the courage required to transform our lives, and what we can do to turn our wants into our reality.


We Discuss:

  • Breaking free of our current programming and fears in order to change our lives
  • How personal development work contributes to less stress and a more fulfilled life
  • Acknowledging what we want in life and also understanding what’s holding us back
  • Reclaiming our power and tuning into a higher consciousness within ourselves
  • Using the power of wonder and awe to help us manifest our greatest dreams
  • The most important steps that we can take to help generate success in our lives


The rewards are huge for those who invest their time to grow mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. You will get a better life if you do the work.”  –  Ken D. Foster


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