Are you ready to change the things that are not working in your life? I want to tell you that the pandemic was not just a shutting down of the world, it was and is a journey into our souls. 

There are so many people waking up and realizing that the life they were living wasn’t really aligned with themselves nor their values and they are ready for change. But how does real change take place? Today, I will share with you some of the fastest and most pain-free ways to make positive changes in your life.

Have you ever looked deeply and recognized there was something greater, deeper, and more real than the body? What was this energy you were feeling? Maybe you have looked deeply at your own eyes in a mirror and asked, “Who am I? What is the meaning of life? Why am I here? What is my true purpose for living?”

These are deep questions, and they really can’t be answered with the logical mind. I have found that if you want the truth, you must take time to contemplate, and let the answers bubble up from the unknown place within you. 

But, is that place really unknown? Or, maybe that sense of who you are has just been covered up. So, what could cover it up? And when it is covered up, what do you lose? You lose your creativity, purpose, brilliance, joy, happiness, and awareness.

A sort of rust accumulates from all of the past hurts, pains, sufferings, fears, worries, concerns, anger, resentment, and just plain old lies and disinformation. Join us today as we explore how we can change this up!


About Jaya Jaya Myra:
Image of Jaya Jaya Myra - on Voices of Courage with Ken D. Foster

Jaya Jaya Myra is a research scientist turned natural health advocate.

She is known as the “Wellness Lifestyle Expert” and is the go-to media expert on mind-body wellness, stress management, mindfulness, food for mood, and natural, healthy living. 

Myra is a best-selling author, TEDx and motivational speaker, and Creator of The WELL Method.

After healing herself naturally from debilitating fibromyalgia, she developed The WELL Method to teach others the 4 cornerstones of a healthy, purpose-driven life.

Myra’s approach to mind-body wellness, spirituality, and purpose shows why one-size-fits-all solutions don’t work for everyone, and how to find what will work for you.


About Beau Williams:
Image of Beau Williams - on Voices of Courage with Ken D. Foster

Beau Williams is an American poet currently living in Dublin, Ireland.

Through his decade-long career, he has performed his work all across Europe and the United States.

Williams has two published poetry collections and is working on his third. Williams’ poetry style has been described as joyful, heart-wrenching, and captivating. 

His work focuses on issues of the heart – exploring the complexity of human relationships, inspiring hope in the face of darkness, and generally interrogating the way that we occupy space in this world. 

In his short time in Ireland, Williams has become the Head Editor of 2 Meter Review, curator of the Glasshouse Poetry Open Mic, and was awarded the title of All-Ireland Poetry Slam Champion.

He was invited to compete four times at the National Poetry Slam in America.

Williams has been published in a multitude of journals and magazines and in 2020 he received his Masters in Creative Writing from University College Cork.


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