Today we discuss overcoming money issues and welcoming abundance into our lives.


What is true success? Is it having a big home, a fancy car, and lots of money in the bank? Is it being debt-free? Many of us feel that our income is too low, our debt is too high, and that we’re stuck where we are with very little opportunity to improve our current financial state.

The truth is, there is a lot of abundance out there, and money is flowing in all areas of our lives if we’re looking in the right direction. What it really comes down to is being able to change your thinking and shift what you’re focusing on in order to achieve your full potential.

My first guest, Ken Honda, best-selling self-development author in Japan, is a money and happiness expert that asserts that it’s possible for anyone, no matter their current financial status, to live with more ease in their relationship to money. He joins me today to share how to create a life of abundance by changing our relationship with money.

My second guest, Dame Doria (DC) Cordova, CEO and owner of Excellerated Business Schools®  for Entrepreneurs / Money & You® program, which is a global organization that has over 145,000 graduates from around the world. She joins me today to discuss why the combination of understanding consciousness principles and proven business tools and strategies is key to success for a conscious entrepreneur.


We Discuss:

  • What true success looks like for different people and if money and happiness go hand in hand
  • How to change our thinking and shift our energy on the abundance that surrounds us
  • Happy money vs. unhappy money and the significance of our personal relationship with money
  • How we can have more happy money, attract abundance, and cultivate gratitude for what we have
  • The trouble that comes with having a scarcity mindset and how we can erase financial worries
  • Why consciousness principles and proven business tools and strategies are the keys to success
  • The importance of staying up-to-date with the latest technologies coming online in the world
  • Why it’s essential to get involved in more income-generating activities and leverage ourselves
  • Embracing our learning experiences and mistakes and then transforming them into success
  • What we need to know to overcome our money issues and transition from lack to abundance


“Once you realize that life is full of potential and blessings, you tend to focus more on abundance. That is the first key to happy money.”  –  Ken Honda


About Ken:
Image of Ken Honda

Money and happiness expert, Ken Honda, is a best-selling self-development author in Japan, with book sales surpassing seven million copies since 2001.

His latest book is called “Happy Money: The Japanese Art of Making Peace with Your Money” (June 4, 2019, Simon & Schuster).

Ken studied law at Waseda University in Tokyo and entered the Japanese workforce as a business consultant and investor.

His financial expertise comes from owning and managing several businesses, including an accounting company, a management consulting firm, and a venture capital corporation.

Ken’s writings bridge the topics of finance and self-help, focusing on creating and generating personal wealth and happiness through deeper self-honesty.

He provides ongoing support through mentoring programs, business seminars, therapeutic workshops, and correspondence courses.

Ken is the first person from Japan to be voted into the Transformational Leadership Council, a group of personal and professional development leaders.

He is fluent in Japanese and English, lived in Boston, Massachusetts for two years, and currently resides in Tokyo, Japan. Learn more at


About DC:
Image of Dame Doria (DC) Cordova

Dame DC Cordova owns Excellerated Business Schools®  for Entrepreneurs and Money & You®. Her business is a global organization that has over 145,000 graduates from around the world.

She and her team have had a profound influence in the Asian Pacific region and in North America. The programs are taught in English and Chinese.

Dame DC Cordova is a successful Latin woman, and is expanding her programs to be taught in Spanish, and other languages.

Many of today’s most well-known wealth and business authors and trainers have attended Dame DC Cordova’s, Money & You programs. Her training has transformed the way they teach and run their organizations.

Through these graduates – including Robert T. Kiyosaki, the author of the best selling book, Rich Dad/Poor Dad, and her business partner of 9 years – and their organizations, they have touched the lives of millions all over the world. The essence of her work is to add value to humanity, not just focus on the bottom line.

Dame DC Cordova’s stated purpose is to “uplift humanity’s consciousness through socially-responsible businesses.” Leading by example, DC is a philanthropist, and humanitarian. DC (as she is affectionately known) is an Ambassador of New Education.

She is tireless in her pursuit to transform educational systems around the world and eradicate poverty and hunger.  DC is a Mentor of Nurturing through her work with high-level entrepreneurs and business leaders.

She is now expanding her work to the renewable energy field. DC is in partnership as Global Business Developer with Huang Ming, a billionaire with heart, and one of the world’s leading green entrepreneurs.

Huang Ming is a winner of the Right Livelihood Award (the alternative Nobel Prize). He built the first Solar Valley in Dezhou, China – a city with over 7 million people that use renewables – and is the man responsible for the passing of the first green law in China:

Dame DC Cordova was part of the group of pioneers led Marshall Thurber and Bobbi DePorter of, that developed the transformational, experiential, entrepreneurial training industry.

She inherited the work over 30 years ago, and through countless partners, associates, teams, graduates, and the support of many, she has grown a global organization that uses a licensing model. Licensing her work has allowed DC the time independence to expand her business endeavors into energy renewables, and to continue her humanitarian efforts.

She has reached this level of success by utilizing the many tools, principles, and systems taught in the Excellerated programs, and her numerous publications.

Dame DC Cordova is one of the contributors to the book, Think & Grow Rich for Women.  She is the author of the comprehensive systems manual, Money Making Systems. Best selling authors ask her to be a contributor in and to write forewords for many of their books.

DC is a sought-after speaker and has spoken on hundreds of stages, podcasts, teleseminars, summits, and has participated in dozens of motivational films, TV, and Internet shows.

She has been interviewed around the world, in every type of media, and hosted the Money & You Radio Show. She is active on many Social Media platforms, and thoroughly enjoys keeping up with the latest technological marvels.

DC uses her skills to promote the dissemination of information that supports “a world that works for 100% of humanity.” She is driven to move the world from a paradigm of scarcity, to sufficiency, thus creating abundant resources for all.


“If you don’t know that you’re swimming in scarcity, there will never be enough. Never. No matter how much money you have.”  –  Dame DC Cordova


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