Today we discuss obesity, weight loss without dieting, and seeing beyond the scale.


The adult obesity rate in the U.S. is at or above 35% in seven different states, and at least 30% in 29 states. Are we digging our graves with our mouths? What’s happening here?

Just as we have laws that regulate traffic on the streets, there are laws that we need to follow with our health as well. If we don’t follow the appropriate health laws, we experience fatigue, pain, misery, unhealthiness, and even disease.

If you’re serious about improving your health, having great energy, and maybe shedding some weight, then it’s really important to have the right information so that you can make sure you do so in a way that’s best for you long term.

My guest today, Robert Ferguson, is a well-known nutrition and fitness expert, author, host, and producer, who is recognized as one of “America’s leading voices on wellness and weight loss.” He joins me today to talk about the significance of measuring our BFI (Body Fact Index) versus the standard BMI (Body Mass Index).

Robert also shares information about how we can lose the “right kind” of weight, cook healthy, fat burning meals that speed up our metabolism, and change the path of childhood obesity in America.


We Discuss:

  • The obesity epidemic in America, who it’s impacting, and how it’s actually affecting us
  • Health laws we need to follow to avoid suffering from poor health, low energy, and disease
  • Why obesity levels are continuing to rise in our country and what we can do to change this
  • The common causes of obesity and why measuring our BMI (Body Mass Index) is inaccurate
  • Understanding body composition and fat percentage rather than just a number on a scale
  • What we need to know about gaining or losing the “right” versus the “wrong” type of weight
  • Empowering children by educating them about their bodies and how to live a healthy lifestyle
  • Making balanced, fat-burning meals that help boost metabolism and promote weight loss
  • How we can get rid of our excess fat through the food we eat and the way we move our body
  • Why current diet trends like Keto can actually cause more harm than good to our overall health


“We live in a world where there’s an abundance of information, and the uninformed are being influenced by the misinformed. We believe certain truths, and so we look for other truths that line up with them.”  –  Robert Ferguson


About Robert:
Photo of Robert Ferguson

Stayhealthy, Inc., the creative healthcare technology company dedicated to empowering people to take control of their personal health, has named well-known and highly recognized nutrition and fitness expert, author, host, and producer, Robert Ferguson, as the company’s official Health Ambassador.

Recognized as one of “America’s leading voices on wellness and weight loss,” Ferguson is the author and CEO of Diet Free Life, host of the Robert Ferguson radio show, a motivational speaker, and fitness expert.

He has been featured on numerous television and radio programs, as well as magazine and online news outlets.

Ferguson is the author of three books on fitness and nutrition and has authored two evidence-based studies on reversing childhood obesity. He currently serves on the Presidential Task Force on Obesity for the National Medical Association.

For over 20 years, Robert Ferguson has helped thousands lose weight and improve their overall health. He consults for Let’s Move Nation and many Fortune 500 companies, serves as the National Wellness Director for SOBA Recovery Centers, and co-founded the “Show Me Better Health” initiative.

Robert has worked with celebrities including Chaka Khan, Chuck D of Public Enemy, Toni Braxton, Daniel Baldwin, LaToya Jackson, Rikki Lake, and many others.


Check out the video below to watch our interview:


“We’re set up to not win because we have the wrong rulebook, so we need to change the game. The right rule book is understanding body composition – like body fat percentage – not just what your weight is on the scale.”  –  Robert Ferguson


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