In today’s episode, we discuss the courage to live the life you love, guest-hosted by Julie Potiker!


Imagine how rich life would be if you felt mentally clear, emotionally balanced, and spiritually inspired every day. How much good could you do if your body always felt strong? Where would you travel, or who would you help if you had plenty of money? How grounded would you be if you had a conflict-free partner relationship that nourished you?

Our first guest, Carol Tuttle, is a teacher, speaker, energy healer, best-selling author of five books, and pioneer in the field of personal development. She joins us today to share how she has found that a truly affluent life is rich in six areas: spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, financial, and in relationships. Carol provides insight into how we can feel more optimistic and actively create a better, more intentional life for ourselves.

Our second guest, WSPRGRL (Cara Potiker), is a San Diego-based singer, songwriter, and emerging leader in electro-pop. She shares some of her personal struggles as a woman in the music industry, and how she has created a local resource for women in the industry to help support them in actualizing their vision without feeling uncomfortable or inferior. Cara also talks about how engaging in a healthy organic lifestyle and practicing meditation consistently has allowed her to do the processing that she needed to be a healthy individual.


We Discuss:

  • Achieving a state of balance and joy in all of the essential areas of our lives

  • Shifting to a higher consciousness and creating fulfilling relationships and a more intentional life

  • Mastering Affluence – Six lessons to clear away longstanding patterns of struggle

  • What it takes to heal completely and how we can clear out our old stories and energy patterns
  • Cleaning our energy body and forming new neural pathways to operate in more states of joy
  • Who WSPRGRL is and what kinds of things she has going on in the San Diego community


“A lot of us were, have been, and are stuck in a family story that no one’s ever altered or kind of woke up in and said, I’m going to choose and create something else.”  –  Carol Tuttle


About  Carol:
Carol Tuttle Headshot

Carol Tuttle is a teacher, speaker, energy healer, best-selling author of five books, and pioneer in the field of personal development.

For over 25 years, she has been an energy healer and guide for people, supporting millions worldwide with her life-changing books and online courses.

Carol has a gift for quickly identifying the deeply rooted issue that is keeping someone stuck, helping them see it, and then clearing it away.

She sees humanity shifting to a higher consciousness and feels called to help people create more intentional lives and fulfilling relationships.

In Carol’s newest book, Mastering Affluence, she guides readers through 6 simple lessons (one for each area) to clear away longstanding patterns of struggle and replace them with ease and joy.

Mastering Affluence doesn’t just help its readers feel optimistic about having a better life. It guides them through a personal process to actively create one.

Readers who follow Carol’s 6 Lessons and complete the activities throughout will come to the end of this book with their lives changed.


Image of WSPRGRL - Cara Potiker

For WSPRGRL, a San Diego-based emerging leader in electro-pop, its feathery beats, melodic allure, vocal resonance, and soul searching, metaphoric lyrics work toward one over-arching goal: “To compress an emotional frequency into a three-or four-minute track,” says Cara Potiker, WSPRGRL’s founder, songwriter, and singer.

Patrick Heaney’s production elegance frames WSPRGRL’s sound. But it is Cara’s life experiences, especially around relationships, struggles with her sexuality, and the spiritual pain stemming from denying who you are, that shapes WSPRGRL’s music and fuels its power.

A songwriter since the age of six, Cara spent the bulk of her adolescence confused over her sexual identity. “I didn’t want the judgment from others or to be treated differently. I repressed my sexual ambivalence. And it was blood boiling misery.”

The emotional crisis compounded when Cara suffered a car accident and spent her senior year in high school at home, confined in a tortoiseshell cast, healing from a broken back.

“The experience snapped me out of my teenage feeling of invulnerability. It put me into an existential crisis.” And Cara put music aside. “Until I was 16, I only wrote and sang with my identical twin sister. I stopped exploring music because I was unsure whether I could do music without her,” says Cara. “Then, I reconnected with my acoustic Taylor guitar and I realized how much music was a means of expression for me.

Cara healed herself by attending herbalism school, learning alchemy, meditation, changing to a plant-based diet, and by micro-dosing. But music proved to be her primary source of salvation.

In 2014, Cara joined L1ght Ra1L, a new wave/ electronic band which performed live around San Diego. Constantly writing, improvising, and recording completely immersed Cara into music again and soon she brought some acoustic songs to Patrick, a well-known producer in San Diego. “We shared a vision of creating a groove-oriented dance sound with a dark edge.”

Those songs composed “Endless Winter,” WSPRGRL’s freshman album, released only on Bandcamp. While spiritual trauma, emotional loss, and heartbreak contribute to WSPRGRL’s musical sensibilities—the tense, sparse lyrics, the melancholic melodies–so does the palpable sense of beauty and hope embedded in WSPRGRL’s 2018 EP, “Solar Return,” and subsequently released tracks.

While residing in the electronica-pop realm, WSPRGRL reaches beyond neat niches, past emotions, and arbitrary musical boundaries, arriving instead at an honest emotional connection with its audiences.


“People need to see that there is real science – real evidence – behind the work that is being practiced in mindfulness. A lot of people view it as kind of this “woo woo” spiritual thing, but there are real results.”  –  WSPRGRL / Cara Potiker


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