Today we discuss going beyond the limitations of the mind and into the nothing to create a spiritual lifestyle that leads us to liberation.


Today’s guest, Dr. Gabriel Cousens, has been doing humanitarian work since 1965 and has continued to do humanitarian and peace work throughout the world since then, including teaching and service in 42 countries. He joins me today to discuss connecting more deeply with our soul and to the divine, loving ourselves enough to want to heal ourselves, and having the courage to follow our intuition and reach our highest level of spiritual joy.


We Discuss:

  • Tips for having vibrant health in all aspects of our lives and expanding what’s possible
  • Learning to go beyond the limitations of the mind and have the courage to go into the nothing
  • How the Holistic Liberation Way is a path and lifestyle approach to freedom on every level
  • What it means to be a mystic, what it means to be a liberated mystic, and how they differ
  • How sacred relationships can be a part of our spiritual path and help us to evolve
  • Taking every part of our lives and every challenge and turning it into a spiritual experience
  • The unique process of classical spiritual awakening and liberation in several paths
  • Six Foundations that create a natural way of living that lead to the Holistic Liberation Way
  • Why many people have trouble with self-realization and accepting their own liberation


“Take all of life and use it as a way to grow spiritually. Take every experience and turn it into an opportunity for spiritual growth.”  –  Dr. Gabriel Cousens


About Dr. Cousens:

Rabbi Gabriel Cousens, M.D., M.D.(H.), N.D.(h.c.), D.D. (Doctor of Divinity), Diplomate Ayurveda, Diplomate American Board of Holistic Integrative Medicine has been doing humanitarian work since 1965 and has continued to do humanitarian and peace work throughout the world since then, including teaching and service in 42 countries.

Although Dr. Cousens doesn’t make any claims, he has been directly acknowledged as liberated by his two liberated gurus, Swami Muktananda and Swami Prakashananda, who, in turn, were acknowledged as liberated by their gurus. Dr. Gabriel Cousens was empowered and directed by Swami Muktananda to give shaktipat (energy to awaken the Kundalini).

Since 2008, Gabriel Cousens has also functioned as an ordained Rabbi. Co-founder of the first Kundalini Crisis Clinic in the world, Dr. Cousens is considered a world-recognized expert on Kundalini. In addition, Dr. Cousens is a 4-year Native American Sun Dancer and Eagle Dancer, and 11-year Spirit Dancer (Ghost Dancer).

Adopted into the Lakota Sioux Horn Chip Clan, Dr. Cousens was appointed head of Yellow Horse Clan. Dr. Gabriel Cousens’s unique contribution to the spiritual world today is the creation of the idea and teachings of spiritual nutrition and the formulation of the path of Holistic Liberation, which emphasizes a natural way of living guided by the Six Foundations and Sevenfold Peace that can take you to liberation.

Dr. Cousens is a Holistic Orthomolecular Physician, Homeopath, Psychiatrist, Family Therapist, Ayurvedic Practitioner, and has served as a lieutenant commander in the U.S. Public Health Service. He is a former member of the Board of Trustees of the American Board of Holistic Integrative Medicine and currently vice-president of the Arizona Board of Holistic Integrative Medicine (AHIMA). Additionally, he’s a world leader in healing diabetes naturally functioning as both a researcher and healer.

Dr. Cousens is also a leader in spiritual ecology and is the founder and director of the Tree of Life Foundation. He is the bestselling author of 14 books. He presently has established and supported over 100 health and diabetes prevention programs, organic veganic farming projects, and orphanages in 26 countries. He received the Cesar Chavez Award in 2013 for his nutritional and diabetes education of migrant farmworkers in the U.S.

He is happily married to Shanti Golds Cousens, father to Rafael (age 50) and Heather Cousens (age 47), and grandfather to Rhea (14 years old), Katja (12 years old), and AnaÏs (10 years old). He lives part of the time in Patagonia, Arizona, and spends the other part of the year in Moshav Mevo Modiin in Israel.

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“When you’re in touch with your soul, then you’re much more motivated to love yourself enough to want to heal yourself and to wake up spiritually.”  –  Dr. Gabriel Cousens


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