Today we discuss opening our minds to new ways of thinking and exploring altered states of consciousness.


When you can alter your consciousness you can increase your happiness and open up to new channels of wealth, health, and have generally better success in all areas of your life.

It does take courage to explore consciousness though because to get out of your current thinking and thus your current circumstances, you must be willing to explore new ideas, concepts, and principles.

My first guest, Lynne McTaggart, is an international best-selling author that’s spent many years exploring the nature of human thought and intention and their relationship to health and wellness. She joins me today to discuss the miraculous effects of small groups of people sharing an intention and the healing power of altruism.

My second guest, Reverend Christian Sorensen, is the eminent spiritual leader of the Seaside Center for Spiritual Living and a past president and community spiritual leader of the United Church of Religious Science. He joins me today to share how stillness and presence allow us to be receptive in order to step into higher states of consciousness.


We Discuss:

  • Altering our consciousness to increase our happiness and success in our lives
  • The power of small-group intention and the miraculous healing power of altruism
  • Benefits that group participants experienced after sending out shared prayerful intentions
  • Exploring altered states of consciousness and living our lives “from the mountain top”
  • Stepping into the force, power, and presence that’s within us to change our lives
  • Why stillness and presence are critical for stepping into higher states of consciousness
  • How the energy field, setting intentions, and the power of intuition all tie in together


“With our thoughts – collective thoughts – we can create some sort of psychic internet.”  –  Lynne McTaggart


About Lynne:
Lynne McTaggart Headshot

Lynne McTaggart is one of the central voices in the new consciousness movement.

She is the award-winning author of seven books, including worldwide bestsellers “The Field,” “The Intention Experiment,” “The Bond” and her latest, “The Power of Eight.”

Lynne is consistently listed in the Watkins’ annual list of the 100 most spiritually influential people in the world.

As Editorial Director of What Doctors Don’t Tell You (, she publishes one of the world’s most highly praised health publications and runs highly popular health and spirituality teleconferences and workshops.

Lynne is a member of both the Transformational Leadership Council, launched by Jack Canfield, and the Evolutionary Leaders, launched by Deepak Chopra.

She has appeared in many documentaries on the science of spirituality, including “What the Bleep?!: Down the Rabbit Hole,” “The Living Matrix,” “I Am,” and “The Abundance Factor.”


The Power of Eight - book by Lynne McTaggart


About Christian:
Christian Sorensen Headshot

Reverend Christian Sorensen is the eminent spiritual leader of the Seaside Center for Spiritual Living and a past president and community spiritual leader of the United Church of Religious Science.

His credentials include a Doctorate of Religious Studies earned from Emerson Theological Institute, a Doctor of Divinity, and a Doctor of Religious Science received from UCRS. 

Dr. Sorensen has authored ten books including his latest one, Living from the Mountain Top.

He is a representative of multitude religious traditions and addressed the United Nations General Assembly as part of its annual World Interfaith Harmony Week.

As a leadership council member of the Association for Global New Thought, Sorensen is involved in worldwide grassroots movements of the Season For Non-Violence.

Dr. Sorensen is an avid sportsman who loves surfing, skiing, tennis, and flying.  He shares his love for travel and the outdoors with his wife, Kalli Holmes-Sorensen, and their teenage son, Trevor. His family resides in Encinitas, Ca


Living From the Mountaintop - book by Christian Sorensen


“It’s within the stillness that we can grasp a higher image and begin to have undisturbed reflection. There is something that is greater than any of the physical challenges that are going on in this world, but we must be available to it.”  –  Reverend Christian Sorensen


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