Today we discuss shifting upside down thinking and reorienting our consciousness to live a happy, harmonious, and meaningful life.


Today’s guest, Mark Gober, is an international speaker, author of An End to Upside Down Thinking and An End to Upside Down Living, and host of the podcast, Where Is My Mind?. He joins me today to discuss how we can make better decisions by accessing and harnessing our innate intuitive abilities, tap into higher states of consciousness, and reshape our view of human potential and how we treat one another to create a better world for all.


We Discuss:

  • How to use our minds to stop making poor choices and get what we want in life
  • What consciousness is, where it comes from, and what limits our ability to access it
  • How consciousness applies to what’s going on in our world today
  • Going beyond the thinking mind and being a channel or conduit for broader intelligence
  • Where consciousness goes once the body dies and consciousness leaves the body
  • Determining the overall intention of our lives and using that as our compass
  • The 4 pathways of yoga and how they can be used to remove our past conditioning


“The best thing that we can do is perfect ourselves to become the purest vessel of this universal consciousness and intelligence so that we can be of service to the whole.”  –  Mark Gober


About Mark:
Image of Mark Gober, author of An End to Upside Down Thinking and An End to Upside Down Living, and host of the podcast, Where Is My Mind?, on Voices of Courage with Ken D. Foster

Mark Gober is an international speaker and author of An End to Upside Down Thinking (2018), which was awarded the IPPY best science book of 2019. He is also the author of An End to Upside Down Living (2020), and host of the podcast Where Is My Mind? (2019).

Additionally, Mark serves on the Board of the Institute of Noetic Sciences and the School of Wholeness and Enlightenment.

Gober’s background is in business as a Partner at Sherpa Technology Group in Silicon Valley and previously as an investment banking analyst in New York.

He graduated magna cum laude from Princeton University, where he wrote his award-winning thesis on Daniel Kahneman’s Nobel Prize-winning “Prospect Theory” and was elected a captain of Princeton’s Division I Tennis Team.


an end to upside down thinking by mark gober


“The higher state is part of our innate nature. It’s actually who and what we are, but our body and our brain restrict that. Reaching these higher states is getting the blocks out of the way.”    Mark Gober


an end to upside down living by mark gober


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