Today we discuss connecting with our compassion and stepping into our lives in a more caring way with radical kindness.


I’m sure most people would agree that we could use more kindness in the world, and I believe that every person on this planet can benefit from radical kindness. So, what is radical kindness and what’s it all about anyway?

Well, it’s about you becoming more attuned to yourself, to your spirit, and to your own soul. It’s about letting go of judgments and misunderstandings. It’s also about forgiveness and seeing each individual as a soul who’s just trying to do the best they can.

Radical kindness is not some new age, airy-fairy concept. It’s about connecting with our compassion, being respectful, and stepping into our lives in a caring way. When you think about it, it seems like common sense that we should treat each other kindly, but why is common sense so uncommon?

My first guest, Angela Santomero, is an Emmy award winner and original Co-Creator, Executive Producer, and Head Writer for the breakthrough and award-winning Blue’s Clues, who has been described as “the driving force behind the best educational programming for children.”

She joins me today to discuss the importance of kindness and how treating ourselves and others with warmth, empathy, and respect creates life-changing benefits in our lives. Angela shares how we can show radical kindness in our everyday lives and why doing so can truly change the world.

My second guest, Kristine Jackson, is the clinical director of Villa Kali Ma, a residential treatment center for women’s addiction treatment and holistic recovery. She joins me today to discuss the relationship between disconnection and addiction and why numbing our pain often feels easier than changing our internal landscape.

Kristine explains how when we project or externalize the source of our pain, there is always something that is triggered within us. She shares why drilling down deep enough and connecting the dots of what triggers our pain can help us do the work required to heal from within.


We Discuss:

  • A 7-day exercise for retraining our minds to not respond to negativity from others
  • What radical kindness is all about and why we need it in order to change the world
  • How we can be radically kind or show radical kindness in our everyday lives
  • The benefits we see in our lives and the world around us from practicing kindness
  • How to use radical kindness with people that have unkind things to say to you
  • How parents can show radical kindness towards their kids and help shift behaviors
  • Breaking through our personal armor to uncover our purpose and true authentic selves
  • Why a lack of self-worth can lead people to addiction and other self-destructive habits
  • How our internal wounding often stems from rejection and/or a sense of inadequacy
  • Steps we can take to bring ourselves back to a place of kindness after experiencing rejection


“If we can lead with empathy and care and compassion and we see things that way first, we will notice some really important changes in our own lives and in the way that that ripple effect will happen throughout the world.”  –  Angela Santomero


About Angela:
Angela Santomero Headshot

Emmy award-winning Angela C. Santomero is an original Co-Creator, Executive Producer, and Head Writer for the breakthrough and award-winning Blue’s Clues.

Angela is also the Creator, Executive Producer, and Head Writer for the award-winning hit, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood (Emmy for Outstanding Preschool Children’s Animated Series) (PBS), as well as Super Why! (PBS), Creative Galaxy (Amazon Studios), Wishenpoof! (Amazon Studios), and Charlie’s Colorforms City (Netflix).

Malcolm Gladwell referred to Blue’s Clues as “One of the stickiest TV shows EVER made” in The Tipping Point.

Angela is the Chief Creative Officer of 9 Story Media Group. As CCO, Santomero leads the creative content strategy across all of 9 Story, with facilities in Toronto, New York, Dublin, and Manchester. The appointment follows 9 Story’s recent acquisition of Out of the Blue Enterprises, which was co-founded by Santomero.

Described by Joanne Rogers as “a modern-day Fred Rogers,” and by as “the driving force behind the best educational programming for children,” Angela’s work has won the prestigious Peabody Award, two TCA awards, 30+ Emmy nominations, and numerous Parents Choice Gold and Silver Awards.

Angela’s legacy is forever changing the way in which preschoolers watch television by presenting them with unique, challenging programs that enable them to learn through play, humor, and respect – – changing the world one preschooler at a time!

Angela has dedicated her life to teaching that when you treat yourself and others with warmth, empathy, and respect, life-changing benefits follow. Which is why her latest book, Radical Kindness The Life-Changing Power of Giving & Receiving (Harper Collins 2019), explores the importance of kindness and how it can change your life in this essential guide and tie-in to the PBS special, “The Power of Radical Kindness” (March 2019). Foreword by Deepak Chopra.

Angela has a B.A. from The Catholic University of America, which awarded her a Young Alumni Merit Award and her Masters degree in Child Developmental Psychology and Instructional Media & Education from Columbia University (Teacher’s College), which awarded her with their 1999 Early Career Award.

Angela’s children’s education background coupled with her unique knowledge of kids media and production allows her work to successfully integrate education, entertainment, and active participation which enables children to learn through play.

Angela’s book, PRESCHOOL CLUES – Raising Smart, Inspired and Engaged Kids in a Screen-Filled World (Simon and Schuster’s Touchstone 2018) explores the benefits of screen time, a healthy media diet, and how parents can use strategies from screen time to promote their children’s educational, psychological, and social development.


About Kristine:
Kristine Jackson Headshot

After graduating magna cum laude with a Master of Social Work from the University of Pennsylvania, Kristine Jackson moved to California to become a clinical supervisor for therapeutic programs.

As a life long learner, she then became certified in several modalities including Play Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Brief Strategic Family Therapy (BSFT), Motivational Interviewing, Eating Disorders (CEDS), and Experiential Therapy (CET I).

After being awarded LPS designation, Kristine then went to UCLA for a certification in co-occurring disorders.

Working with clients and families of those struggling with eating disorders and other mental health issues for the past 25 years, she continually discovered the importance of a therapeutic process to get a deeper level of healing.

Kristine has a passion for helping Seekers through the beautifully challenging time of exploring not just behaviors, but the beliefs that hold them.

She feels that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience and there is a gift in that. Kristine’s hope is that you gain clarity, confidence, and true connection.


“Radical kindness, although it’s an action towards others, it asks us to become who we truly are.”  –  Kristine Jackson


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