Today we discuss living out our dreams and influencing positive change in the world.


Today’s guest, Teresa de Grobois, is the Founder of the Evolutionary Business Council, an international speaker, and the #1 international bestselling author of Mass Influence. She joins me today to discuss how to build relationships with and gain endorsement from highly influential people and even ignite your own influence. Teresa shares the top habits and rules that the highly influential play by and the common mistakes to avoid when connecting with them.


We Discuss:

  • How a lack of courage, passion, and purpose stops people from accomplishing their dreams
  • Forming powerful success habits that help manifest dreams and finding our success stoppers
  • Using mediation to tune into our inner selves and tap into the insights and intuition we need
  • The habits required to become influential and the common mistakes people make along the way
  • The major distinction between fame and influence and how to become an influential person
  • Why having and working to accomplish big dreams actually drives an individual’s influence
  • The importance of doing the inner work and getting past self-sabotage to succeed as a leader
  • How to build successful relationships with and gain endorsement from highly influential people
  • Common mistakes to avoid when trying to connect and communicate with highly influential people
  • Why following the simple principle of giving influence to get influence is a total game-changer


“Those big, outrageously ridiculous dreams are actually what drives your own influence, because the more you’re willing to risk, the more inspiring you are to others, and the more they’re willing to trust you and take advice from you.”  –  Teresa de Grobois


About Teresa:
Image of Teresa de Grobois

Teresa de Grobois is the #1 international bestselling author of “Mass Influence: The Habits of the Highly Influential,” which is now a bestseller in 7 countries.

As a 4X international bestselling author, she teaches marketing courses around the globe to business leaders and entrepreneurs on how to create massively successful word of mouth campaigns.

Teresa heads the international  Evolutionary Business Council, a global community of speakers and influencers dedicated to teaching the principles of success.

She believes that influence is the force for change in the world. Teresa’s mission is to grow thought-leaders and thought-leadership.

“I believe we create the world we live in, one word of mouth epidemic at a time.”


Mass Influence: The Habits of the Highly Influential - by Teresa de Grobois


“Give yourself permission to step into your dreams and give yourself permission to fail. In fact, give yourself permission to fail spectacularly, because you just might be the one the world’s waiting for to create change in your community or the world at large.”  –  Teresa de Grobois


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