Today we discuss connecting with ourselves and with others to impact our lives in a greater way.


Connecting with others is one of the most important things we do. And if we’re able to successfully connect with other people, then our lives are likely thriving. On the other hand, if we have trouble connecting with others then our relationships suffer, our work suffers, and we face many other challenges in our lives due to that disconnect.

My first guest, Daniel Bruce Levin, is a respected author, visionary, and former monk who walked away from an opportunity to run a billion-dollar business to hitchhike around the world to find happiness and inner peace. He joins me today to discuss how we can have a real connection with ourselves and others and the impact of listening to other people’s stories and perspectives and celebrating our differences.

My second guest, Samantha Riley, is an international speaker, #1 best-selling author, and business growth and marketing coach who built a 7-figure business before she was 30, but left the corporate world to lead a more purposeful life. She joins me today to share the importance of getting clear on our values in order to find our purpose and how to generate success by truly connecting with ourselves.


We Discuss:

  • Specific skillsets for how to connect in the world, with ourselves and others in our lives
  • The 4 connections, how we are all connected, and why every voice matters and has an impact
  • Focusing on what connects us, what separates us, and opening ourselves to new perspectives
  • The correct question everyone should ask themselves before they choose to start a business
  • How to generate success by connecting with our dreams, with who we are, and with our purpose
  • Building a business of lifestyle, financial freedom, and impact by leveraging our experiences


“When we take the time to sit with people and listen to them tell their story, we become a different person.”  –  Daniel Bruce Levin


About Daniel:
Image of Daniel Bruce Levin

Daniel Bruce Levin walked away from an opportunity to run a billion-dollar business, to hitchhike around the world to find happiness and inner peace.

His life has been a combination of massive victories and incredible defeats.

He left the seminary one day before becoming a Rabbi, and he has lived as a monk in a monastery for 10 years. 

As Director of Business Development at Hay House, he led its growth from $3,000,000 to $100,000,000 a year in revenue over a time span of 10 years.

Daniel has run a restaurant, a publishing house, a meditation retreat, has owned a clothing company, a branding company, and a coaching business. He is a rare blend of businessman and mystic who has meditated every day for over 45 years.

He is the author of The Mosaic, a beautiful story that will touch your heart and soothes your soul. It is a book that helps us see what we do not see and as such much of it’s magic exists in the space between the words.


The Mosaic - by Daniel Bruce Levin


About Samantha:
Image of Samantha Riley

Samantha Riley left the corporate world and ventured out into the world of business over 25 years ago because she wanted the freedom to spend more time with her family, and to be financially rewarded for working harder.

She accomplished her goal and achieve financial success and built a 7-figure business before she was 30 but she was overworked, stressed out, and exhausted.

Samantha now teaches this system to successful executives and business owners and helps them develop their thought leadership so they can replace their income, get their time back, and lead a more purposeful life.


“Once you know the answers, that fear does dissipate because we’re focused solely on where we’re going and not how we’re going to get there.”  –  Samantha Riley


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